Monday, November 23, 2009

I am totally back to square one! How ironic it really is to go somewhere to only realize it was a circle and you are back at point of initial take off

Ok, it has almost been a year now since I launched this very menu blog. Mind you I was the last person in universe still left at that time who was so clueless about blogging in general that I would rather try to understand what woman really wants than doing any kind of blogging. The word itself sounded kind of putrid. I thought blogging was intended for old women who wanted yaap, yaap. yaap or save the world form itself. A year later all I can say that not only was I wrong but I was a total ignoramus with mind opening of a protozoa. I have met wonderful people in here who are loving, supportive and smart. So to all those people my great appreciation. I want to single out one man above all who has been there for me no matter what and that is none other than Mr Harry. He is a man of passion and driven by desire to help others. That is a not such a common qualtiy in modern world. So thank you Mr Harry! I also want to thank Mr Moore and his wonderful wife for doing the work that they do. At times I have disagreedm with Jimmy but overall tha man is doing a good job. And the last but not least is Mr Eades who is the leading force in todays low carb world and his blog is both educational and vital.

I have failed many times with my many challenges. But above all I learnt a lot. One smart man once said that Experiences are none other that outcomes we get when we dont get the results we want. Or it was close to that line. And how true it is indeed! So despite lack of any significant results for my many failed experiments and challenges I definitely gained many outcomes! Thanksgiving is approaching very fast. I have a lot to be thankful for. My mother, despite all that happened to her, is still here and that is ONE great outcome I am most thankful for! We do take things for granted at times, but I trully love, cherish and treasure my Mom in so many ways. She is an epitomy of an ideal woman in my opinion. Not becuase she is my mom, but because she has endured through so much and never complained but always persevered to go on in the best way she knows how. And she did an amazing job. This post is not about weight loss or numbers or failures. It is about thanks! I will post about my nutritional jouney and possibly my new wows and such after Thnksgivin. But for now Thank you all who has been here for me and enjoy your time with the loved ones. Happy Thanksgiving Day!