Sunday, November 30, 2008

I hereby declare a war on my fat cells and my emotional monster!

I had a herendous day today, so bad that I decided not to even write what I ate. It was nonhumane treatment, cruel and unjust punishment. I will not even contemplate to write it down otherwise I will have suffered form post food stress traumatic disorder. But the good news I still ate low carb! A whooooooooooooooooo looooooooooooooooooot of it, but low carb!

Overall I ate: 1/2 jar of almond butter ( throughout all day)= 1350 cal= 7 carbs; 1 carton of countdown milk= 800 cal= 25 caRBS; 8 EGGS= 650 CALORIES= 4 CARBS; 4 OZ BEEF= 250 CALORIES; 2 OZ ALMONDS=360 CALOIRES=5 CARBS; 1.5 CUP OF BLUEBERRIES=100 CALORIES=10 CARBS; 5 CUPS OF COTTAGE CHEESE=1000 CALORIES= 25 CARBS;



SO HELP ME GOD!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Saturday menu!

10 am-
4 eggs fried in olive oil= 400 calories
1 can sardines=180 calories

12 pm-
5 oz sugar free dark chocolate covered almonds= 600 calories

3 pm-
almond butter=400 calories
1 cup of almond milk= 50 calories

5 pm-
2 oz turkey bologna=100 calories

7 pm-
Kentucky Fried chicken ( 3 chicken wings, 1 crispy chicken breast )=1100 calories
39 grams of carbs

10 pm-
3 small low carb ice creams= 300 calories and 15 grams of carbs

12 am-

1/2 cup blueberries= 5 carb and 80 calories
2 oz almonds= 350 calories
1 cup almond milk= 50 calories
1/2 cup cottage chees = 150 calories

Total calories=3575
total carbs=85
total effort= NO COMMENTS!

Today wrapped up my first week of low carb menu my way challenge! It was very educational and enlightening to say the least. There was a lot of failures, but there were also small victories, believe it or not. I learned quite few lessons along this short journey. And here is a short list of Cons and Pros for the first week:


1. I learned how important and productive keeping journal is, it doenst only keep track of all caloric intake, but it lets one be accountable and honest!
2. I found mind like supportive and good people.
3. I know I can only get better
4. I was able to stay away from weighting myself every day and being obsessed with it
5. The take away message is Do not ever feel guilty and worthless for making mistakes. Mistakes are blessings for us to learn from, it is an experience and not a punishment!


1. I wasnt able to accomplish what I set out to do.
2. I was weak when I needed to be strong.
3. I ate the wrong food whenI could have eaten better ( emotional eating )

Weight update tomorrow! I have no idea how much I lost or gained. Totally puzzled. I did eat a lot more then I needed for my expedenture, but i did manage to stay relatively low carb.


Friday, November 28, 2008

Friday menus!

8 am
2 scoops of Chocolyte protein shake= 150 calories
8 oz low carb countdown milk= 120 calories

12 pm-
2 oz almonds= 350 calories

3 pm-
2 scoops of chocolyte protein shake= 150 calories
10 oz almond milk= 60 calories
1 oz cheese=100 calories

7 pm-
1 oz cheese=100 calories
1 oz almonds=160 calories
2 small beef burgers=140 calories

10 pm-
4 oz pistachios nuts=400 calories
2 oz dark sugar-free chocolate=400 calories
3 oz beef burger=250 clories
3 eggs= 210 calories
1 teaspoon olive oil=60 calories
1 large salad=100 calories
2 tablespoon200 calories
1 can of sardines= 160 calories
1 tablespoon flax seeds=50 calories

Total calories= 3410
Total carbs=55 grams
Total effort= 50 %

Ok,I went to Atlantic City with my sister today. It was horrific experience, lost a lot of money I couldnt afford to loose. Had a fight with my sis, because she was late and I ended up waiting for 3 hours for her in the car. Then I was tired and cranky, kind of sped up and got a speeding ticket. I wne thome and was huuuungry and craaaaanky, and huuuuuungry! I knew I was about to snap, my anger needed to get out and for the first time in almsot two years I craved smoking again. I quit almost two years ago. I didnt smoke off course, but...... Boy did I eat as you can see! bUT i SWORE i WASNT ABOUT TO PIG OUT ON HIGH CARB. So I waited till i got home and ate the whole house of low carb, but didnt touch anything high carb. Noty that it is an excuse, but I just wanted to at least stay in somewhat insane and controlled ketosis!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Day Menu!

Ok, I am almost ready to watch a football game, Titans vs Lions. i know it is a tradition to play Detroit and Cowboys on thanksgiving day, but lions are really bad. Hope it wont be such a bad game. Then it is off to Turkey. I let my sister entertain us with cooking this year. Usually she is Detroit Lions of cooking. She scares me every time she cooks. She reminds me of a joke I know about turkey. A new russian ( we call rich people in russia New Russians since they accumulted wealth over night ) goes into an expensive restaurant and asks for something extraordinary to impress his newly acquired girlfriend. The waitor recommends chef”s special roasted turkey in an equisite french sause. Minutes later the New Russian calls on a waiter and sais ” Mr your turkey is not properly roasted’ The waiter replies’ Sir but the chief has been roasting those turkey for so many years, why do you say it needs more roasting? New Russian replies ” Becuase while I and my girlfriend turned around to speak with a friend of mine your roasted turkey ate all of our salad! So I hope my sister’s turkey wont be that bad. Happy Turkey Day everybody!

10 am-
2 scoops of Chocolyte protein powder= 150 calories
8 oz of chocolate countdown milk=100 calories
1 teaspoon fish oil= 60 cal

3 pm-
6 oz lamb burger=400 calories
large salad=100 cal
2 tablespoon mayo= 200 calories
1 tablespoon fish oil=120 calories

6 pm-
8 0z turkey meat=300 calories
mushroom spread=250 calories
6 grapes=50 calories
chicken breast in batter=250 calories

10 pm-

sugar-free dark chocolate 3 oz= 600 calories
4 oz cheese=400 calories

12 am-
3 oz ground meat=250 calories
large salad with 2 tablesppon mayo=300 calories

Total calories= 354o calories
Total carb= 50 grams
Total effort= 50%

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wednesday menus!

8 am-
1 cup of 2% cottage milk=200 calories- 7 carbs-7 protein
1/2 cup of Mom's cottage cheese= 120 calories-5 carbs-7 protein
2 tablespoons of almond buttter=300 calories= 8 carbs-6 protein

12 pm-
4 oz of ham=250 calories
1 oz of cheese= 120 calories

3 pm-
4 oz of ham=250 calories
1 oz cheese=120 calories

6 pm-
chocolate candy sugar-free= 650 calories

9 pm-
1 oz nuts= 200 calories

12 am-

1.5 calories cottage cheese= 300 calories
2 tablespoon sour cream=100 calories
1 tablespoon almond butter= 300 calories

3 am-

2 eggs cooked in butter=250 calories
2 tablespoons of mayo= 250 calories
plate of cauliflower and peppers= 100 calories
1 can sardines=160 calories

Total calories= 3760
Total carbs= 45 grams

Ok, I will not even comment on how the day as far as nutritionally. I had a bad day both at work and after. It was quite stressful. Traffic in NYC on preholiday is herendous. It took me 2.5 hours to get home from work, driving less then 10 miles. And I drive Honda Element stick shift. All that stress build turned into calories eaten. I am still dealing with ways to control impulsive eating and eating for psychological reasons. Am I weak? I think so, at least at times. Will I get better ? I know so! Happy Thanksgiving to ev everyone who celebrates this awesome Holiday!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tuesday menus continues!

I visited my mom today and was qutie stressed out! But there is no better stress relief then coming home and letting Mom treat you like you are still a little kid! And she always feeds me. She made me my favorite snack and low carb too, yes Mom is a low carber as well! Ok it is called an " Eggplant Paste" She boils eggplants, whole, i think, then roasts them in the oven. Takes them out, puts them throght the meat grinder. Then she mixes the paste with tomatoes, garlic, pepper, salt and lemon and a bit of parsly. The whole paste gets dressed in a very fresh first cold pressed olive oil. Then she sautees La Tortilla wraps and somehow makes them very crunchy, that one is still a secret, i guess Mom wants me to keep coming back. Ok, here is a twist. Then she spreads the paste onto the very crunchy wrap with a little of world famous Arkhangelskya black caviar and a touch of ice cream. I just went to Heaven! Dr Mike, you should try it, to die for! I dont know if you love caviar, but I do, and know quite a lot about it. I buy it through a local store in NYC and it costs $225 a pound but boy it is good! once I treated my ex grfriend who was jamaican to a Russian sandwitch of fresh bread ( back in the days) with butter and black caviar. Check this out, she thought it wasnt enouph and spread almost the whole can of the caviar on the bread, whci cost about 75 a can. I wouldnt be mad, but then she said it is ok, nothing special, jerk chicken is better! Hah, I guess it is! And no, that is not the reason she became my ex, but memories, or memories!

2 pm-
plate of world best eggplant paste, made by Mom= approximately 300 calories

8 oz low carb milk ( Countdown reduced carb milk )=40 cal

1 scoop of protein whey isolate low carb= 110 cal=1 carb

6 pm
2 turkey burgers and 6 oz eggplant paste with 2 tablespoon almond butter= 800 calories

8 pm-
2 turkey burgers with 6 oz eggplant paste with 2 tablespon almond butter= 800 calories

12 pm

3 eggs cooked in butter with 2 tablesppon almond butter= 600 calories

Total calories= 3100 calories
Carbs= 80 grams

I kind of started with less then desired meal and ended it with less then desired everything, including carb and calorie count. I swayed off the course and 5 plus one and only one had become less then 5 and many ones and none of them only plan! I ALSO LEARNED HOW HARD IT IS TO KEEP TRACK OF MENUS EVEY DAY, AND BE HONEST AND ACCURATE ABOUT IT! SO BACK TO THE ORIGINAL PLAN AND NO MORE TEMPTATIONS! I DID UNDERESTIMATE ALMOND BUTTER CALORIES AND GROSSLY UNDERESTIMATED MOMS EGGPLANT PASTE CALORIES, AMOUNT AND CARB COUNTS. BUT LESSON LEARNED, LESSON REPEATED AND LESSON REINFORCED!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Tuesday Menu!

It is very early Tuesday, actually about 1 am local NYC time. I just came home and cant seem to fall asleep. I might have overworked my body and now my body is kind of overworking my brain. I feel both energetic and hungry. HUNGRY, HUNGRY, HUNGRY! Weight lifting does make one hungry, and it always makes me eat. eat. eat. And I did! But instead of just devouring everything I could get my hands on, I decided to eat coonsciously and with my head, instead of my eyes and stomack! So this is a start to the Tuesday menus:\

1 am -
1 can sardines with 1 teaspoon olive oil; big cucumber, tomatoes and green onion salad with 3 teaspoons of almond butter!= 500 calories

Monday's menu!

4 am-
Salad ( cucumbers, tomato and olive oil ) 3 teaspoon of almond butter= 530 calories

8 am-
2 teaspoon of almond butter= 180 calories

11 am--
4 miles walk

1 pm
2 eggs with 1 can sardines, 1 teaspoon almond butter, 1 clove of garlic and 1 teaspoon of fish oil= 550 calories

4 pm-
1.5 scoop of chocolate whey protein shake with 8 oz of almond milk( diamond almond breeze) and 1 cup of unsweetened green tea with blueberry and pomegranate flavor= 220 calories

8 pm-
1 scoop of chocolate whey protein shake with 8 oz of almond milk( diamond almond breeze) and 1 cup of unsweetened green tea with blueberry and pomegranate flavor= 160 calories

1 hour of weight training!

10 pm-
1 scoop of chocolate whey protein shake with 8 oz of almond milk(
diamond almond breeze) and 1 cup of unsweetened green tea with blueberry and pomegranate flavor, 1 packet of stevia= 160 calories

12 pm-
1 scoop of chocolate whey protein shake with 8 oz of almond milk( diamond almond breeze) and 1 cup of unsweetened green tea with blueberry and pomegranate flavor, 1 packaet of stevia= 160 calories

Total calories= 1980 calories
Total carbs= 35 grams of carbs
Protein=160 grams

Total weight= Coming up on Monday morning!

Ok. I made it through second day of low carb shakes and one meal only plan. If anything else I know i can do it, but am taking it one day at a time! Today I kind of gotten a short end of the stick when it came to quality sleep. I was up every hour to go where Presidents go by themselves. It was kind of scary! I guess the ketones were challenging my kidneys and played ping pong with my bladder! So very little sleep. Other then that it was tolerable! I did squeeze a bit of exercise today, even though I was supposed to start training next week and let my body adopt to this new founded protein shake diet. But I saw a beautiful girl in the weight room who needed to spot her and the rest is history. Not with the girls, but with a work out. I did join in on a parade and did some ass whooping and chest pumping routine. I am kind of paying for it now. I feel like my head actuaLLY HAS SOMETHING INSIDE, FOR THE FIRST TIME IN A WHILE IT FEELS HEAVY! wish me strength guys, I want to do it at least for two weeks, the plan is 6 weeks!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday, November 23, 2008 Menus!

11 am - 1 scoop of Isopure dutch chocolate= 110 calories
8 0z of Hood Calorie Countdown Chocolate low carb milk= 90 calories
1 tspn instant coffee=10 cal

1 pm- 1 scoop of Isopure dutch chocolate= 110 calories
8 0z of Hood Calorie Countdown Chocolate low carb milk= 90 calories

3 pm- 2 eggs 1 can of sardines ( 4.35 oz in olive oil ) with 2 oz mixed raw nuts = 760 cal

6 pm- 1 scoop of Isopure dutch chocolate= 110 calories
8 0z of Hood Calorie Countdown Chocolate low carb milk= 90 calories
1 tablespoon flaxseeds= 30 calories

8 pm- 1 scoop of Isopure dutch chocolate= 110 calories
8 0z of Hood Calorie Countdown Chocolate low carb milk= 90 calories
1 tablespoon flaxseeds= 30 calories

10 pm- 1 scoop of Isopure dutch chocolate= 110 calories
8 0z of Hood Calorie Countdown Chocolate low carb milk= 90 cal

Total calories= 1800 calories
Total carbs= 33 grams
Total protein= 205 grams
Total water intake= 96 oz

Weight= 230 pounds!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

What a day it was!

I was supposed to start my plan today, but...... Few things happened and I was forced to go to work for leak emergency. I was stuck there much longer then anticipated. By the time I left work, I was tired, stressed and out of food choices. So it wasnt the day! But.... I still managed to get to GNC and buy a 3 pounds tub of low carb Isopure chocolate dutch shake and low carb chocolate milk, whcih would compose my shakes! So today is the day! Ok. I feel that I havent quite explained why I decided to go with this paticular plan that I called 5 plus one and only plan. I am a very complex person by nature, and gemini by sign, which makes me to be on extreme ends of the stick. All my life I have endeavored to stay somewhat in the middle, but it ended up being a wishful thinking at least for now. For example, I cant just grab a peace of cake and call it a day. It is much easier for me not to touch it at all, I can do that, but if I grab a peace, hold me tight, because I will devour the whole cake! I tend to be quite an emotional person, and quite an emotional eater. Carbs have always been an emotional blanket for me, my good buddy in times of crisis. Anyway,I dont want to sway too much from the menu plan and go into psycholgy 101. So the plan I chose is:1.Medically proven way to loose weight fast and effective; 2. Is a structured way that retrains the brain to eat for physiological reasons rather than psychological and 3. Will help me loose 70 pounds and reach a dream weight of 160 which I have never seen, but came close once, 4. Be intervied by Jimmy on his podcast ( ok that was a wishful thinking again ). I will take a multivatamin formula along with magnesium, potasium and D3 supplementation. I plan to add a bit of flax seed along with fish oil in my shakes. For one and only meal the plan is to use as much and many healthy ingredient as possible to squeeze into one whole low carb meal. An example( 5 oz salmon steak with brocoli and garlic, sprinkled with 1/2 oz of nuts and garlic clovwith lemon) That is it!

Friday, November 21, 2008

5 plus one and only plan!

I am excited to start posting my menu for all who want to see it. The reason I called it 5 plus one and only plan is simple: I will go on a 5 meal replacement whey protein shakes along with one and only whole meal which would be low carb. So that meal would be my free ticket to enjoy whatever I feel eating for that day. But the rule is simple: 1) It has to be one whole meal only and 2) it has to be low carb! All whey protein shakes would be relatively low carb, each under 10 carbs!


I am daring to change it once and for all! I can not stand to see my fat cells telling me what to eat! Low carb menus my way! Here we go!

I have tried evey single diet imaginable on this earth, until one day I woke up being paralized from overanalizing! I couldnt deal it with any more. All these diets, all these experts, all that information, and I am all in that familiar shape, fat, yes, fat and not fit! So what was up with that? What was up is that I listened and read wrong people until one day I stumbled upon a guy whos name didnt ring a bell or said anything. That guy was Jimmy Moore. I started listening to all his wonderful podcast shows and realized low carb was a way to go! I knew quite a lot about lowcarb, both from Dr Atkins books and Dr Eades. I knew it well, and I had a minor in nutrition in college too. But I was always skeptical about low carbs, after all it could lead to artery clogging, importance and cognitive deteriation. Oh wow, I said, importance? No way to low carb! I could deal with heart attack, but pardon my Russian, importance was way too hard to swallow! So low carb became high carb, and high carb became high insulin, and high insulin became low sugar and low sugar became......... Oh no, importance. So I said to myself, can it be that I was wrong and it wasnt a low carb that could lead to the importnce, but the high carb? And back I went to Atkins books, Eades books and Jimmy Moore podcast! So here I am blogging about low carb and attempting to post a low carb menu if anyone is intrested. I had my share of successes and failures with low carb, but one thing I know for sure it works!!!!!! I lost weight on low carb and gained it back when I got off of it. And now I have been pretty much stuck on the same weight for about 3 months. I couldnt give up sugary condments, after all thats what my grandmother fed me when I cried in my younger age. I did give up smoking rather effortlessly, but couldnt give up sugary tasting low carb treats. It was my comfort blanket, my emotional pillow, my best friend in those moments. And it was always available, always! But today I am daring to declare to the world, and those two people who will read my blog, I am going to embark on a low carb protein shake diet for the next 6 weeks. I will call it 5 plus one and only meal plan! 5 meal replacement protein shakes( low carb with some mixes berries) and one and only hard food meal( low carb meal!) and that is the plan. I am ready to start tomorrow and I will loose or sorry release the fat from my fat cells. So buckle up fat celles, I am taking you for some exciting ride! Look to your left fat cells, look to your right fat cells, because at the end of my journey you will loose your buddies! Look at them for the final time and said good bye! The rest of you I keep for all thsoe long, cold NY nights! Tomorrow! Yesterday seemed so far away!

English could be my first language but it is not! Few short anecdotal liners form my recent trip to ACUI conference( American Colleges Unions Internal

Here we go! My first ever blog entry, oh boy! If anyone told me 20 years ago I would end up living in states, never mind blogging, I would lauph in his or her face! United States of America? I would ask lauphing, no freaking way. I was trained to hate this country, I was brainwashed to believe all different heineous things. I was even trained to practice target shooting at American soldiers when I was a teen in Soviet Union! And now I am a proud citizen of what I believe is the greatest country God gave men! Go figure! Life is trully an amzing journey, isnt it? Ok, that was a very bried introduction to a lot more introductions as I embark on my new found hobby called blogging! Now to my headline which is "English could be my first language but it is not. I recently came back from a trip to an ACUI conference and I want to share few anecdotal liners from this trip. I work at Suny Downstate Medical Center in Brooklyn, NYC as an evening manager in the student life department. We had a summer intern who I got to know quite well. We are both gemini, and that could mean everything and nothing! So saying that, whci means saying nothing, we got to a few heated arguments over everything and over nothing. One time I mentioned that stretching was overrated according to a recent publication I read in New England Journal of Medicine. Karen, our famous summer intern, wanted to chop my head off for daring to say such an insane thing, and so we argued, and argued and argued! And finally I exclaimed " There are only two ways that shed truth on our argument the right way and then there is my way! It come out rather silly and she posted it on our center's board. So recently I saw our famous summer intern again at the conference and we sat at the table with bunch of other administration folks. After conversing about evrything and nothing, Karen, our famous summer intern asked the time as she was awaiting impatiently for her session presentation. I never wore watches or any other piece of jewelry on my body. So I looked at my wrist and said 2 pm. Everyone smiled at the table, knowing there was no watch on my wrist. Karen didnt find it funny and gave me a finger sign, that sign that any person on the planet can regonnize. Then she asked me if I was still with my girlfriend of 4 years, to which I replied " no, we broke up a while back. Karen then asked me how come I dont wear jewelry or ties on my body to whcih I replied' ' I dont like anything on my body jewelry or otherwise as it restricts my freedom! Karen grinned and replied ''That explains why you have hard time keeping a girlfriend! Another one liner from the same conference. I was sitting next to my coworker, awaiting for another educational session to begin when she told me that there was another student on some regional University campus who died of alcohol poisoning on campus, to which I replied" I know the feeling, it happened to me once" ! Short time after that wonderful liner, I went in the cafeteria and waited in the long line to have my low carb omellette made.The guy cooking the omelette looked visibly tired and by the time I came along he was barely standing. He made me a wonderful omelett and said "Enjoy it, to which I promptly replied "You too, man! So, there goes my first ever attempt at blogging, hopefully not the last!