Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Back to the nature for solutions!

more then $1200 later and weight gain I am back to where I started. Medifast is a wonderful program, however after so many tries I officially call it quits! I just couldnt stick to it. It might be a combination of things, but then again in the end it all came out to inability to sustain hunger. I am going through a lot emotionally but if I earned a dollar for every time I used it as excuse I am pretty sure money would be no problem in my life at all. I have been so rediculously irresponsible with my food selection it is not even worth mentioning it. Worst binges of my life, basically I just caved in to feeding my inner devils with pure junk. I would consume upwards of 5 ice creams daily along with nightly MCdonalds and other crap. So I am back at 260 pounds. Its a lot of weight to be carrying around! I still have lots of medifast boxes left over so I am still debating if I should sell it on ebay or just use it along with paleo style diet that works for me. I am going back to low carb as it is the only feasible way for me to at least stay where I am. My goal for the foreseebla future to relearn feeding my body with good , natural food to be satisfied. Thats the plan!