Thursday, August 13, 2015

Knock knock!

I know it's been two years since my last post but I am wondering if there is still an audience out there for me to restart blogging? Even if it's just one person lol...

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Bad habits die very hard! But do they ever die?! I guess in my case not!

I had a wonderful fasting Monday day. Felt great and Tuesday came. It wasn't bad at all till night rolled by and all of a sudden I binged again. Came out of the blue and continued today all day long. It's absolutely insane. It feels like it comes on with a vengeance. That's why fasting is kind of easy and clear. And when I start eating I do ok till I eat the wrong food and then all he'll breaks lose. It's like guilt begets binges which begts more guilt and become a vicious circle. And then off course a promised tomorrow thing comes up in a head! Well, tomorrow I am doing an unplanned fast just to undo the crazy garbage feed of today. I have to and I ll do it two days this time because Friday is my planned fasting....Oy Wei!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Knock knock! Is anyone in here?

After a long and unnecessary hiatus I am back to blog! Let me briefly update my loyal listener( s ) regarding my never-ending weight struggle and emotional demons. My weight has basically been in the same stubborn range from 255 to 265 for the past six month. That's a bad news. A good news is that I did lose about ten pounds over a course of two years and it hasn't climbed up at least. The bad news is that I am still doing this crazy binge on binge off diet and it's not making me look pretty or healthy. I am still pretty much a broken project lol, however I hope good Lord gives me some wisdom and strength to one day concur it all! After all I have lots of experience now dealing with my emotional demons and it's the enemy I am very much aware of now! Ok, that's pretty much it in a nut shell. Now, I want to share something that I recently found out. A good friend to this blog Onpoint shared a valuable information about a documentary called...Eat, Fast and Live longer ... It was done by Dr Mosley who embarks on a journey to discover benefits of fasting. In short, this documentary is very educational and well done. I watched it twice and enjoyed every second of it. Dr Mosley become an overnigh sensation in Britain after this documentary was released. He popularized IF.. Intermittent fasting by developing a plan that he called 5:2 plan. After conducting self experimentation and chatting with few worlds renowned experts on aging and fasting, he decided to stick to a plan that consists of two nonconsecutive fasting days followed by five regular days of no limit foods. On tow fasting days one is recommended to consume 500 cals for a female and 600 for male. He sticks to his plan for a month and checks few important markers that are linked to aging and disease such as IGF-1 . And lo and behold his plan worked. He decreased his IGF 1 in half during his journey and was able to shed a few pounds as well. I tried IF before but it didn't stick. For some reason Dr Mosley charisma and documentary inspired me to do it again and I am very happy to report that yesterday I did my first day of fasting with great success. I decided to try fasting two days: Monday and Friday... It's easy that way. Monday makes lots of sense. It's always a good idea to abstain from food following weekend. And Friday makes sense to me too because it's the day before the weekend lol... Plus, it has symbolic meaning. M stands for Monday and Mom and it's a perfect day to fast and think about Mom and not about food. And F stands for Fasting anyway, I think it was meant to be lol. I am not holding my hopes too high given my history but I am very inspired to try it. And I have an inclination it may work for me. Was it hard ? Yesterday I ate a breakfast which consisted of approximately 500 calories. Dr Mosley finds it easier to spread those 600 calories in two meals, breakfast and dinner. I, personally, found it easier to just eat a big breakfast and then fast for the next 24 hours. I ate few eggs with onions, mushrooms, seaweed and avocados and a cup of raspberries sprinkled with stevia. It filled me up till early evening. And I did find it a little challenging but it was mostly psychological. And yet I succeeded. A mini victory, bit I ll take it! One step at a time. A journey of a thousands miles always begins with that first step! So I hope and pray that it will stick and I believe it may although I am being cautiously optimistic. I will update you on how it goes! Thanks Onpoint, you are a dear friend and I appreciate your wisdom and support. Also, a special thanks to Donna for her continued encouragement and support.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Yesterday was back on the Paleo lifestyle!

Yesterday I got back to the Paleo. It wasn't necessarily hard but the night time always brings appetite and boredom so food becomes more of a head hunger. But I persevered and stuck to it. Although I did eat more then I wanted to, the goal was to stay Paleo and I did it. At least Day 1! Day 2 here we cone. One day at a time! And no scale.......for two weeks at least. It's all about sustaining it and making it a habit so it becomes a lifestyle automatically again.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Oath before my Beloved Mother, God and myself!

I shall love, respect and treat my body from this moment on not as a junk and human waste disposal but as a sacred vessel of higher being! God doesn't make junk! But I managed to abuse, neglect and mistreat my body through endless binges and self pity! I will not do that any more! I promise to go back to the diet that worked for me before and who's principals I will follow. Through many trials and tribulations I came to a conclusions that this lifestyle is the optimum road to finally eliminate food and junk food to be specific as a way to deal with my emotional demons. I promise to uphold the principals of the Paleo lifestyle and to follow this eating plan to help me rebuild my health and lose unwanted pounds of fat in the process! I will abstain from eating any kind of dairy products, grains and beans as well as processed junk to the best of my abilities. As an occasional exception I may eat a bite of forbidden food in those rare occasions where a religious or cultural observance directs to do so. I promised my Mon that I will get fit and lose pounds of unhealthy and unwanted fat. I ask God for guidance, strength and help in dealing with my emotional demons in a healthy way so help me God!

Sunday, December 9, 2012