Saturday, March 16, 2013

Yesterday was back on the Paleo lifestyle!

Yesterday I got back to the Paleo. It wasn't necessarily hard but the night time always brings appetite and boredom so food becomes more of a head hunger. But I persevered and stuck to it. Although I did eat more then I wanted to, the goal was to stay Paleo and I did it. At least Day 1! Day 2 here we cone. One day at a time! And no scale.......for two weeks at least. It's all about sustaining it and making it a habit so it becomes a lifestyle automatically again.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Oath before my Beloved Mother, God and myself!

I shall love, respect and treat my body from this moment on not as a junk and human waste disposal but as a sacred vessel of higher being! God doesn't make junk! But I managed to abuse, neglect and mistreat my body through endless binges and self pity! I will not do that any more! I promise to go back to the diet that worked for me before and who's principals I will follow. Through many trials and tribulations I came to a conclusions that this lifestyle is the optimum road to finally eliminate food and junk food to be specific as a way to deal with my emotional demons. I promise to uphold the principals of the Paleo lifestyle and to follow this eating plan to help me rebuild my health and lose unwanted pounds of fat in the process! I will abstain from eating any kind of dairy products, grains and beans as well as processed junk to the best of my abilities. As an occasional exception I may eat a bite of forbidden food in those rare occasions where a religious or cultural observance directs to do so. I promised my Mon that I will get fit and lose pounds of unhealthy and unwanted fat. I ask God for guidance, strength and help in dealing with my emotional demons in a healthy way so help me God!