Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Its not a sunny day in my garden!

I am in pain! I have no idea whats happening with me but it surely pisses living light out of me. My body is giving me many warning signs but I cant figure out whats going on but neither do doctors, at least for now. Its either that or my body is simply way too stressed out and needs time off to cool off. Yesterday I was insanely uncomftable spending full day in and out of the bathroom. It was not a good thing. The trip to the bathroom was followed up by extreme fatigue and pain in both extremeties. Pain would subside big time after the trip to the bathroom. My intestines were bloated and it was pushing on my diaphragm. I was told it could be IBS or stress related. I do have plenty of stress and at times it seems I cant handle it. I have been way too emotional at times too. I snapped at people, and even broke down in tears this morning. I hate unknown and I hate this debilitating condition. It simply sucks monkey's behind. It slows me down to a point where I feel overwhelmed by it. It, whatever it is, stealing my personality. I feel run down. So for the time being I am off low carb. I am still eating relatively lower carbs but will add fruits and oatmeal to calm down my stomack. Hopefully I will feel better before I feel worth. Thanks for your continued support. Not to leave you sad, I am adding this funny anekdote, hope you enjoy it!

Believe it or not!!!!!
Woman has Man in it; Mrs. has Mr. ! in it;
Female has Male in it;
She has He in it;
Madam has Adam in it;
No wonder men always want to be inside women!

Men were born between the legs of a woman, yet men spend all their life and time trying to go back between the legs of a woman....

Okay, Okay, it all makes sense now...
I never looked at it this way before:

Ever notice how all of women's problems start with MEN?

MENtal illness
MENstrual cramps
MENtal breakdown
AND ..
When we have REAL trouble, it's a

Send this to all the women you know to brighten their day.

Send this to all the men just to annoy them............


Friday, January 8, 2010

One more life lesson learnt, if its not stiff enough give it up !

Ok, I was finally in the mood last night! Oopsie roll was calling my name. For the longest time the name itself made me smile. How bad can it be, I said! And sure enough the recipe was easier than taking a shower. Or so I thought, but making it 1 am being dead tired, no, not a good idea! The recipe calls for 3 eggs, 3 oz of cream cheese and a pinch of cream of tartar. Then you simply seperate the egg yolks from the whites. After you mix up the cream cheese with the yolks and whip up the egg whites till stiff you simply gently fold the yolks mixture into the egg whites making a dough cutting it in six equal parts. Then you preheat the oven to 350 degrees and bake the whole thing for 30 minutes. You let it rest for 5 minutes, take it out of the oven and wait for it to cool down. Thats it! Here is what your truly did; I decided if three eggs are good, four are better. And if 3 oz are called for 3 eggs why not put about 6 oz? Then to make it more exciting I added few tablespoons of coconut flour. When I was done the whole mixture was so sticky I couldnt remove it from the bowl. So I put some coconut milk into it. Then it was time for beating the egg whites till stiff. I decided to do it manually and boy did it suck. I was beating them all wrong as I found out today from my coworker. So it never came to the point of stiffness. It was semi-soft at best. I got tired of my own insanity and mixed up egg whites into the egg yolks. Then I buttered up the foil and baked the whole thing for 30 minutes. It nver rose and came out flat! When I tasted it I almost choked because it was dry. I ended up eating it anyway with the glass of almond milk. Oh, I forgot that I almost burnt the whole kitchen in the process. Oi wei! As far as my diet goes I have been on the low carb bandwagon for a week now and hopefully it will stick this time. The only negative thing about my renewed comittment is that I have been experiencing old-new debilitating symptoms again. For the last few days I have been stricken with bloatness, gas, pulsitang stomack and palpitation. It usually starts with intestinal discomfort first, then my stomack starts racing like crazy and I feel like fainting. It gets all better once I go to the bathroom and empty the intestines, sorry for TMI. But it is indeed scary. I hope it goes away but it has been happening for a while. I am beginning to think it might be some kind of IBS related to anxiety and stress. Who knows! Thanks for reading!

Monday, January 4, 2010

2010 ! From New York with lots of love going your way!

It was one of the quitest New Year celebration ever but it was just as good as all others. I stayed home with my parents. My mom had developed some complications from chemotherapy and she was depressed as well. On the eve of New Year Russian people go all out. It is THE biggest and most celebrated holiday in both Russia and every other corner where Russkis dwell. Not only is it THE biggest holiday but you get officially two weeks off from work in Russia. Those crazy Russians, lol. It starts early in the morning. Women start preparing all kinds of goodies for the party while men are busy scrambling for the right amount of vodka for the guests. Mind you, its never enough vodka so they buy insane amounts. Therefore we have lots of saying about Russians and their drinking habits. Ok, here is one " Whats entertainment for the Russian is the death sentence for German! Or when the Russian wakes up early in the morning after New Year and sais " I have the biggest headack and hangover now, I feel like I am dying, I should have died last night! I think you guys get the point, we, Russians, are missing few screws here and there. But given that my Mom who I love dearly going through so much, I decided to stay home and celebrate with her. I usually celebrate it with parents until 1 am and then hit my frien's house where there is a gathering of 25 people drunken people acting stupidly and loud. We continue the celebration until 7 am and then crawl crash. But this year it was peaceful, quite and uneventful and I liked it too. I could go on and on about many things, but since this is menu oriented blog I will stick to it somewhat. I decided not to make any resolutions this year. Its simply pointless. Every day can and should be a new beginning or continuation of the old one. No points for silly resolutions on specific day of the week. At least that is for me. But I did promise to start low carb life again after New Year and so far I have been a good boy. I will be on different menus trying to figure it all out. But so far so good. I will continue to update this blog on a regular bases, hopefully every day. I know that I promised a video blog for the longest time and I will deliver. It took a while, but I am exactly computer savvy. Yet, I have all the necessary tools for my first video blog so stay tunes. I honestly think its a great idea to do it. It makes so much more personal and since we have been communicating with each other for more than a year, it makes even more sense.

Ok, for the past 4 days I have been mostly consuming: lamb meat cooked in a slow cooker by yours truly, some vegetables with red caviar, cottage cheese with buttermilk and pumpkin seeds as snack. That was basically it, and so far its a new beginning.