Sunday, May 30, 2010

It's a start!

I started medifast exactly 10 days ago. My first five days were almost 100 percent on plan give or take few tweaks here and there. Even though I tried my hardest to abstain from weighing in I caved in nevertheless and results were promising. I lost 5 pounds in first five days. It might have been mostly water weight however some of my 40 pounds must have been water gain as well. So I Wewas motivated and excited. Next few days were to test my resolve and boy did they ever. I had to endure my birthday party and our school graduation at Carnegie hall. My birthday party was organized by my department despite my disapproval. It was a loosing battle and I knew it. My boss is both stubborn and uncompromising. She ordered many dishes and lots of pastries and bray cake. I did my best to ride through the party but didn't quite make it unscaved. I didn't eat carby staff since it would throw me out of ketosis but I ate more than I planned or should have. I kind of overindulgef on chicken salad and egg salad. And boy did it make me sick. Next day I jumped right back in and did quite ok. Few days later I was one of the people in charge of organizing and implementing carnagie hall graduation for medical school students and college of health related profession. It was a very long stressful day. I packed four medifast chocolate bar and was doing ok. I had to stay away from all the food at lunch and dinner and I did. I was proud of my effort. I was just a bit hungry but not to the point where I was ravenous. And I was looking forward to still eat lean and green meal at home. When I got home my father made a stupid remark about my weight and....and I ate and ate and ate to deal with anger and pain from his comment. He didn't say nothing outrageous but it was enough. He told me that being a fat ass as I am I should have not eat late. He doesn't know I am dieting and in his eyes I was about to indulge. Don't you love it when u r tired stressed and on a diet someone mentioning how fat u r and that u should be dieting. Hello! Talk about timing. so the next few days were completely off plan. But saying that I still ate relatively low carb to stay in ketosis. I just ate a looooot! But all in all I did ok. I lost 6 pounds in ten days. But given the fact I lost five pounds in five days it wasn't much loss in the last five days. However I am still happy and seing cup half full. Today I started Back and will report back next week. This plan is very doable. It's really is and I kind of like it. At times I do get hungry but it's managable. I believe! I still want to update by way of short video blog and I just might if time permits. No excuses though. Despite my fathers remarks it is still in my hands to overcome comments and obstacles like that. These are called challenges and inability to overcome them led me to the fat zone which I ve been in for too long now. it is time to own and control my emotional eating instead of them controling them. It's not easy but nothing that is worthwile ever is, is it?! So to be continued... The journey must go on with it's good and bad with it's wins and losses. Thank u for reading !

Friday, May 21, 2010

Medifast- Day 1

I recieved my supply of Medifast bars, shakes and oatmeals last night and started the plan today. I barealy had any sleep last night because I had to drive my best friend to the hospital to sign a consent form to intubate his mom who is taking a turn for the worst. She had been disgnosed with colon cancer 6 months ago and was doing ok. But suddenly she started wasting away, literally. Cancer is that sneaky and dangerous! But no matter what I decided to go with the plan today rahter than wait for Monday or tomorrow or Christmas or Khanukah or New Year. Every day is a new beginning and I need to start practicing what I know and preach. I dont know if its sleep deprivation or the food but it wasnt that bad at all. Mind you its day 1. Being that I recently slipped out of ketogenic diet indulging in all kinds of carbs and junk it will take my body several days to get rid of glycogen. And when it does I may then start feeling the effect of switching to ketosis again. But then again medifast is not a high ketogenic diet and it does contain around 60 grams of carbs. Its very low calorie, low fat and relatively low carb plan. So here is my food intake for today:

6 am- Lemon Meringgue Crunch Bar= 110 cals= 13 grams of carbs= 4 grams of fiber= 5 grams of sugar= 11 grams of protein and 2.5 grams of fat

12 pm- Lemon Meringgue Crunch Bar= 110 cals= 13 grams of carbs= 4 grams of fiber= 5 grams of sugar= 11 grams of protein and 2.5 grams of fat

3 pm- Lemon Meringgue Crunch Bar= 110 cals= 13 grams of carbs= 4 grams of fiber= 5 grams of sugar= 11 grams of protein and 2.5 grams of fat

7 pm- Apple Cinammon Oatmeal= ,100 cals= 14 grams carbs= 4 grams fiber= 10 grams protein

9 pm- 6 0z grilled chicken with 1 cup of greens= 375 calories= 50 grams of protein

12 am- Medifast Dark Chocolate= 90 calories= 14 grams carbs=4 grams fiber=14 grams of protein

Totals for the day:

Cals= 895
Carbs= 68 grms
Fiber= 20 grams
Net carbs= 48 grams
Protein= 105 grams

So thats basically how my menus will look as far as calories and micronutirents distributions. I know, I know its really low cals. I would be the first to tell its kind of very low but many, many people swear by this plan, including thousands of doctors. This plan has been around for years and had helped many obese people to get back their lives. I dont know. I will report on my progress weekly. I hope, pray and look forward to being consistent with this plan and give it all my best effort. I need to get in shape and reclaim my health. This plan has structure, convenience and proven record. I believe! I may do weekly video update through vblog as well.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ready To Join The Calorie Restriction Society?

Jimmy Moore once asked this question on his menu blog and it seemed like a no brainer answer. Not so fast Sherlock! I am ready to join Medifast! I am sure you guys have heard of this company. Basically its a low calorie, low carb, low fat plan created by a doctor and used by many doctors to treat morbidly ovese individuals. I have heard numerous stories of its success. Lots of people do swear by it and promise great results. I tried it twice and failed miserably. So why do I even want to try it again? Number one: I think I am mentally ready this time. Number two: it will give me all the necessary tools for success. Number three: I dont have to worry about micronutrients, ratios, fiber content and so on. My weight had spiraled out of control and I need to do something about it before hot, sticky New York summer hits and its right around the corner. I will do everything I can to give Medifast a fair try this time. I just ordered 4 weeks worth of food. I will keep my blog updated weekly to post results for those who are curious. As always thank you for reading and thank you for your support. If you guys have any questions, comments I welcome them all. I am an open minded guy and I promise not to take anything personal. I know many people are against such a drastic plan, and believe me I was one of them as late as yesterday. But today I changed my mind. I need help and Medifast was created and had been in business for many years helping people like me get back on track. I believe!