Friday, June 26, 2009

Doctor, can you diagnose me as weird and not a failure?

I want to share a nice joke I once read. It is in russian so I hope it doesnt lose a meaning in translation. Here it is! A young woman goes to a doctor and complains that her husband cant satisfy her. The doctor sais" Well, why dont you find yourslef a lover then? A woman replies" I did, and he doesnt hit the spot either" Well, sais a doctor why dont you find a second one? A woman sais " I have four of them , and none can really satisfy me. You know what sais the doc, you are very strange! Thanks God doctor sais the woman! Can you give me this diagnosis in writing that I am strange because everyone keeps saying I am slut!!!!! Well, I have failed again! I gained 5 pounds back. And it is getting personal to a point where I am not angry but rather curious. I wont call myself weird or a failure! I must learn myself and understand why I subotage myself the way I do and how to keep emotional eating at bay! So this is my next trial. I hope to blog soon again and keep it somewhat consistent. If there is anyone still listening, thanks! And I do mean it from the bottom of my heart!

Monday, June 15, 2009

So much to share, so little time!

Ok guys, as pormised I am writing this very post. Lots of things changed since I last wrote the post. I now do own a wondeful Ragdoll baby boy. He is full of energy, spunk and attitude. But he is simply an invaluable addition to my family. He is a pain in the rear side at times but what a gift! I had to drive 5 hours away to get him from a breeder. Ragdolls are hard to come by where I live and I wanted to make sure I got him from a reputable place. I know some people will never understand why buy a kitten instead of rescuing one, but both I and my parents are very inexperienced cat owners and adopting a cat can and is very challenging at times. Raising a baby is much easier as he is still litte and growing up. He is still full of challenges but I am so happy to have him. His name is Saadya and I will post pics of him soon. Did you know that there is just as much controversy in the cat food industry world about whats to feed a cat as in human one. Lots of cats are coming up with same diseases as humans, especially diabetes. Know why? I think you probably do. Becuase many cat food manufacturers are using soy, corn meal and other cheap carb substitutes to make the food. And cats, unlike humans are completely carnivores not omnivores. So I had to buy him much more expensive food which is the lowest carb content on the market. So, yes, my cat is on the low carb too!

Ok, now a bit of update about me. My symptoms of irregular heart beat, tachycardia, headackes and general fatigue seem to subside and walk away, knock on wood. I am pretty sure that all that scare was attributed to induction. At least thats my biggest hope. For the first 3 days I had no appetite and felt completely awful,so bad that life itslef seemed like punishment. Thanks God I am better now. I will continue to blog my menus and my struggles, but forgive me if i miss a day or two, lol or week!

My weight is 230 pounds now! I did lose 5 pounds but need to lose 60 more.

Today I ate:

Breakfast: 2 chicken meatballs with spinach, artichoke and sun dried tomatoes
1/2 cup of mushrooms
2 oz pistachio nuts

Lunch: 1 can of water packed sardines with avocado, roasted pepper and grilled eggplant slices and squash

Dinner: 1 can of water packed sardines with avocado, roasted pepper and grilled eggplant slices and squash

Saturday, June 13, 2009

I will be back tomorrow!

I am fine, my cat is a joy and I will be back tomorrow blogging! I am honored to still have you guys believing in me and checking on me! Thanks!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I must get this fat monkey off my back!

I dont know if anyone is even listening at this point, but just in case anyone is here is whats been happening. I have been on a relatively low carb regimen and it worked fine, but no weight loss. I did eat to satisfaction and even a bit more at times. I enjoyed it too. I ate sweet tasting food and loved it. I would eat wholesome food as well but needed to supplement it with sweet tasting snacks and mostly at night. I loved low carb carb countdown chocolate milk sweetened with stevia and mixed with frozen berries and silvered almonds. But weight loss it wasnt. My health scare seemed to subside. It was truly scary and very debilitating. I dont know what it was and will keep praying its over. But here is my resolution for the next two weeks. I need to start reducing waist wise and fat wise. I need to stop using sweet tasting food and go to the foundation Atkin based induction for at least two weeks to get my weight on downward trend. So starting Friday I will embark on two weeks Atkins induction and I pray I will not go through induction flu that will bring on those scary irregular heart beats and extreame fatigue. But somehow I think it wont. So beginning Friday I will blog my new journey every day. If anyone is still listening off course!