Friday, August 7, 2009

The longest distance in the entire universe is that from one's head to the heart!

My dear, dear readers! Do I still have some of you out there? If you are around come by and say hi! Well, Life has been very challenging for me lately. All my life I was kind of protected, shelled from dispair, misery or tragedies. I would contemplate few different scenarious in my head, but that would be as far as I would experience it, just in my head. I had always been kind of care-free, live for today kind of guy. And reality of life was one that was relatively happy, peaceful and predictable. Did I have adversaties? Sure. But did I handle them well? Well, not really. I alwasy thought adversaties were just like a potholes. You try to avoid them at all cost but if you do hit them in the middle of the road, just ignore them and go on with the rest of the trip. Not for a minute I would start thinking about adversaties in a way that others do. May be adversaties are given to us or created to us to either learn from them or is a way of Life to seek our attention. Kind of like a symptom is a a warning sign that not everything is so rosy in ones's castle. Well, to be continiued! My boss just called me into her office so I have to rush but I ll be back. I promised to do a vide blog and I will. Its coming and its coming very soon, hopefully today. Stay tuned my friends and I will update you on whats going on with my mom, myslef and my adversaties! But all I can tell you now is that I am growing up. A bit late at 37 but thats the road I chose.


Didirina said...

Yep, still reading here, Vadim. Best wishes to you and your mom.

Vadim said...

Thanks! I ordered Julian's Bakery Breads. I liked them a lot and my mom thought it was ok and she even liked it toasted. The price was a bit high but its nothing when it comes to health. Or at least I think so. And it doesnt seem to spike the blood sugar too much. I am about to do my first video blog so hopefully today. Thanks for reading.

Erika said...

Still here too Vadim :)

Adversities and other experiences in our lives bring out our true character, I believe. They make us stronger and often a better and more balanced person.

I'm not happy at all to hear you're going through them, and I wish you all the best on the way. But the silver lining, just like you said, is you are actually able to grow.

And don't worry about being 37 - it's better late than never lol

Harry said...

I'm always checking in, Mr. V.

I know you have incredibly important issues going on right now so I don't always leave a comment when I stop by. But I'm around.

It may seem odd to you but I think our path to maturity is somewhat similar. I struggle with facing reality and not just trying to avoid pot holes all the time. Even our age is almost the same. I think you only have a months on me. :-)

I'll be checking back to see what's going on in your life, v-blog and beyond. I care and I know many others do as well.

My best to you!

Vadim said...

Thank you Erika and Harry!