Monday, February 28, 2011

A good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow.

Past is history, future is mystery and today is a gift therefore we call it The Present! I dont know who said it but it is so wise and true. Well.... in my case I hope its true. I would never keep this blog going if I wasnt true to myself. I cant lie here. If for any other reasond then keeping a journal of my past failures. I had a bad weekend diet wise. Completely lost site of my weaknesses and let myself go indulging in horrific food choices. I cant dwell on it. Today is today and I am restarting my ever so long journey to health and fat loss. I am huuuuuuungry now even as I type this entry. However it is an amazing thing to be able to contain it during day time and totally succumb to it at home at night. There has to be an explantation as far as will power being there during the day and going on vacation during the night. Anyway, i decided to recommit to Medifast..agaaaaaain. I know, i know that insanity definition was taken from my life. But something tells me I can still do it. I will tweak it a bit off course along the way if I need to, but I still wanna see if I can do it right at least for a week. May be I really cant, may be i can but not now when I am so stressed at times and overwhelmed with many things including my mom's declining health and middle age crisis kind of thing. But I still believe..... I still believe in myself and despite all my past failures on many fronts I still know the final battle hasnt been lost yet. I gained weight during this past few days and now weigh 281.5 pounds.

Weight= 281.5 pounds

Today's food:

1. Medifast pomegrante whey shake= 90 calories
2. Medifat blueberry oatmeal= 110 calories
3. Medifast apple cinammon oatmeal= 110 cals
4. Medifast chocolate crunch bar = 110 cals
5. Medifast chocolate pancake ( my favorite 0 = 110 cals

+ one lean and green meal 3 eggs and spinach with mushrooms with low carb salad dressing = 300 cals

Total cals= 930 cals ; protein= 95 grams ; carbs= 75 grams fiber= 22 net carbs=53 grams

2 teaspoond canola oil= 100 cals


bayoubabe said...

Ahhh, we ALL fall off the wagon, SOMETIME !! I fell off it yesterday because it was my birthday !! Today is a NEW day. Stick with the PLAN... :) Drink lots of water and chew eat bite 20 times. I had a better day today read ALL about it at :

Vadim said...

Ok. lol, I saw your post on Jimmys blog. I will definitely read it. Thanks!

OnPoint said...

Vadim, I may not post often, but I do check in from time to time. I wish you well in your efforts. Your plan works. You just have to work your plan.

I think you have food issues, but I don't see how you are going to solve them in the short term. As I have said here a few times in the past, your best strategy is to outwit your cravings. You do this by allowing yourself to have whatever you crave - in limited amounts, of course.

Another strategy is to do an alternating type plan, similar to what Pooti is doing. You can stick to anything for a day when knowing you can have some of the things you want the following day.

As your post title suggests, you don't want to let the perfect be the enemy of the good. Following your rules, or Medifast rules or low carb rules, to the letter are less important than actually making some progress. Consider what kinds of tweaks will make this process more bearable - eating your lean/green meal earlier in the day (mid-afternoon instead of evening), adding more calories to the meal, adding your pre-planned "cheat" up to a certain number of calories each day or every other day. Just think it through.

Be creative and think things through. You can win this with a little ingenuity.

Vadim said...

Thank you so much Onpoint. As always you are precise and witty. I hope you are doing good. I am still struggling but I did make a bit of a progress. Still keep at it, I won't give up too stubborn lol. I ll see a day when my battle of the belly is going to be won!