Tuesday, February 1, 2011

You wii, I wii, we all wii for some good memory!

I think my blog journey migh have come to the end. I had managed to lose all my supporters, lol. And whos fault is that? Mine! I had a wonderful time bloggin in here and having found good people who are like minded in many ways and share my struggles with weight. I will still update it here and there so if you are still around, check it out periodically! Thank you for being there and rooting me on!

Update! Weight= 280 pounds I havent gained at least, lol!

Since Monday I am back on semi-medified Medifast plan. So far so good! I am eating five medifast meals and as much as protein as I feel like it. this change alone brought some very needed sanity. Instead of being obsessive about eating an extra bite of protein I decided to liberate myself from feeling guilty and eat as much protein as needed. I will however stay on plan as far as carbs. One major change for me that will in no doubt be challenging will be weighting only once a month! Period! My biggest detractor and weight loss hinder is scale. I am done, so done with weighting every day or even once a week. I simply will do my best and weigh once a month so this way even if I cheat or get offit will be easier to just dust off and start over. I must not let scale subotage my effort. We ll see how it goes.

Another thing I am contemplating is getting Nintendo Wii console with fitness plus . It looks like many people are overly excited about it and many even swear by it. Speaking of a game console have you checked out a new xbox 360 kinect console. Its awesome. And I am not even a big game person. But the new technology that Microsoft incorporated into new Xbox kinect is simply speechless. Its a combination of two video cameras and fourty sensor that scan your whole body allowing you becomeing a controller. And when you play games or do Biggest Looser game your whole body is involved instead of just using controller. Its awesome, but costs a little more then Wii and for my purposes might be simply unneccessary. But its cool. And it takes pictures of you while you dont expecxt it and saves them. It really is amazing.


SheZug said...

I'm still supporting you. I'll be your cheerleader as long as you need one. I have a wii fit and several wii fitness games. I don't use it very much anymore, maybe I should dust it off this week. I haven't been walking on my treadmill either. Just walking around outside. How are you doing on your steps? I average between 7500-8000 on most work days. If I were to walk on my treadmill, I would get much further.

Vadim said...

lol, i am not walking much these days. I must figure out whats making my panick attack kind of symptoms come back. I think I need to start taking anti anxiety meds again to rein my tachycardia. But hopefully soon i ll be back on walking path.