Wednesday, July 13, 2011


SheZug said...

Excellent video my dear Vaddy! Excellent! Gosh, wish I'd seen this video before I carbed out this afternoon.

I'm working on erasing my all or nothing attitude too about carbs and sugar.

I look forward to many more videos. Your eyes really spoke to me, they are so kind.

Vadim said...

lol, I said the same thing about you when I watched your vblog remember? I find it amazingly liberating not to have all or nothing attitude. I did feel like eating last night and I couldnt resist it. So I caved in. But instead of cheating a bit and going to all time binge I decided to stay in ketosis and binged on grilled chicken with melted grilled cheese and big ass salad with low carb dressing. i was stuffed and I still lost a pound this morning. I am really pulling for you hard. And I know you can and will do it. I am not just saying it to be nice. I do honesltly believe tht those who are walking the road will concur it one day and you definitely been there and never gave up. You will do it!

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