Monday, November 7, 2011

Did anyone notice I was gone?

Vadim Chernov
I am sad! I weighted in this morning and it's 260! I gained a whooping 14 pounds in two weeks by binging my way out of medifast. But I learnt few new lessons and I relearnt old ones.
First, I am going to go to the OA meetings. I am an addict and there is no other way to put it. I am addicted to carbs and for me one is too many 100 is not enough. When I get in that mood my brain seems to just turn into an addiction mode and it becomes a wild ride where I eat a ton of garbage and I eat until I physically can't any more.

So my plan is:
1. Accept that I have a compulsive overeating disorder and seek help for it
2. Stick with medifast and in case of crisis eat extra protein and extra snack or eat sunflower seeds so I can both stay in ketosis and satisfy that oral fixation.
3. Not to dwell on my weaknesses and fight them but instead work with my strength.
4. Start seriously incorporating journaling my feelings.
5. Never ever, ever, ever, ever think I can eat a piece of cookie or just an ice cream and stop there. I simply can't eat them at all! Just like a person with severe allergic reaction wouldn't eat something they are allergic to I must retrain my brain to accept that I am allergic to junk food and bad carbs. Period! End of story! I simply can't eat it!

6. Pray!
7. Drink more water!
8. Go to sleep before 11 pm!

So here is my plan moving forward so help me guys help myself and help me God be my best!
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bayoubabe said...

what about exercise ?

~Oct said...

Also remember that everyone has trouble, it's not an easy journey. Don't kick yourself so much! It's good that you are able to recognize when you fall and reassess the situation and make a plan. Maybe stop living for a distant goal and celebrate your little success along the way. :) You are a sweet guy and deserve to be happy with yourself. Now ... even as you strive for that goal in future. Be happy now.

SheZug said...

Woah! I was thinking about you this morning and here you are! Vadim, you are my soul brother in this crazy weightloss world.

Vadim said...

Thanks October!

Lol, weight soul brother?! You always make me laugh!

I need to get at least few weeks in to get back in ketosis before I start exercising again to give my body a chance to get back on track.

SheZug said...

Vadim, go to youtube and subscribe to my channel so I can add you to my list. I've been posting videos again, but I make them private and only let my closest blog and vlog pals watch them.

My channel is Shezug

Next, you make another video so we can hear your sexy accent. Speak up now, don't be shy.

Vadim said...

Ok, cool. Let me check it out!

Dale T. Arthur said...

continue the fight, every day you have the chance to go to bed proud of your day

Vadim said...

So true Dale! Thanks!

jeremy said...

It is the best thing you did. Have it on medication.

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Vadim said...

Thanks Jeremy! I did fall on my face horribly after writing that post but I am back in a saddle and feeling good once again! God willing this feeling lasts!