Monday, May 25, 2009

It has been a week since I started low carbing back and ha, mixed results!

I started back a week ago. I have good and not so good news. Good news is that I managed to avoid all the nasty symptoms of induction. Bad news is that I only lost 0.5 pounds. But when I plugged the number I realized I was eating way too many carbs and probably a bit too many calories. I was probably subconsciously trying to avoid eating too little carbs so not to bring on onset of nasty symptoms I have been experiencing since last month. I was eating quite liberal amount of frozen blueberries mixed with silvered almonds and buttermilk. Quite yammy. If I learnt one thing is that I can eat healthy mix of things and eat to satisfaction and not gain weight. But for now the idea is to lose and lose quite a lot. So this week I will heat it up a notch to make sure I am in burning mode not maintanance.

Today I ate: So far at least

14 oz cauliflower mixed with 1 oz of baby mozarella and 1 tablespoon of coconut oil
1.5 oz silvered almonds
6 oz of cooked turkey breat
1/2 cup of mixed low carb vegetables
i protein shake


Harry said...

Maybe you do need to tweak your diet a bit. But it sounds like you've at least been making some good, nutritious choices. Give yourself credit for that. I do!

How are you feeling otherwise? Are your other digestive/heart/panic symptoms improving? Any new news on that front?

Vadim said...

So far this week has been much better healthwise. I will keep my fingers crossed. Not nearly 100 percent but functional at least.

Harry said...

How are things progressing with the food program, Mr. V?

I hope you're seeing hopeful signs.

Stay strong and keep fighting for good health!