Friday, June 26, 2009

Doctor, can you diagnose me as weird and not a failure?

I want to share a nice joke I once read. It is in russian so I hope it doesnt lose a meaning in translation. Here it is! A young woman goes to a doctor and complains that her husband cant satisfy her. The doctor sais" Well, why dont you find yourslef a lover then? A woman replies" I did, and he doesnt hit the spot either" Well, sais a doctor why dont you find a second one? A woman sais " I have four of them , and none can really satisfy me. You know what sais the doc, you are very strange! Thanks God doctor sais the woman! Can you give me this diagnosis in writing that I am strange because everyone keeps saying I am slut!!!!! Well, I have failed again! I gained 5 pounds back. And it is getting personal to a point where I am not angry but rather curious. I wont call myself weird or a failure! I must learn myself and understand why I subotage myself the way I do and how to keep emotional eating at bay! So this is my next trial. I hope to blog soon again and keep it somewhat consistent. If there is anyone still listening, thanks! And I do mean it from the bottom of my heart!


Harry said...


This may not be relevant to you. But this is my experience. I'm sharing just in case it *may* be helpful.

Analyzing why I was screwed up helped to save my life initially - during my early teens when I had an eating disorder. Intensive therapy probably saved my life.

But then a curious thing happened ... it stopped working. I was no longer starving myself to death but I was still a mess in other ways.

Flash-forward to the present. I'm currently at one of the healthiest weights in my life. I still have many personal issues and tribulations that are left unresolved but I've somehow managed to stumble upon greater physical health.

The point of my true story is this ... I didn't have to figure out the root cause of my "inner child's" trauma or all the details of past horrors. I just had to move on and choose life.

*Maybe* just maybe that's what you need to do too. Just do it. Go through the motions until the motions become the norm. Work on all the internal/psychological stuff if it helps. I just might! But it may be wise not to wait for some grand revelation rather than just busting your keester to make it happen.

Hopefully by now you know that this is all typed with good intention. I just don't want you to waste any more valuable time.

Believe me when I tell you this: If I can make it - even while being as screwed up as I am - you can as well! I promise you that you don't love food any more than I did/do. I wasn't just an overeater. I flat out binged, my man! A 10,000+ calorie day wasn't out of the question. That is done with now and hopefully forever. I know that can happen for you too.

Erika said...

That is GREAT advice Harry has given you!

It's funny, I just made up the following sign which I've placed on my fridge and also on the inside of my door which I see each time I open it:

"Just do it - Day by day - Don't think about the big picture".

It's exactly what Harry said about just going through the motions. Great minds think alike!

What do you think, Vadim?

Vadim said...

lol, I think Harry is a very nice, caring human being. And he is very wise. Harry, anything you say to me is always taken with nothing but respect and appreciation. I have known you for a year now and now how much you care even though we have never met. I truly appreciate it! I work and achive resutls much better when I get pissed at myslef. I was never productive by being mellow. I am taking it one day at a time and I dont give up. I know I can and will do it, meaning get in shape and eat healthy and not use food as crutches! Tahnks!

Jade said...

You seem like a nice caring person just like Harry. I just wanted to comment on your posts at the other menu blog about carrying around excess weight. You made excellent points about how that extra weight impacts your health. Today I bout some kitty litter. It was a 21 pound box (which is about how much I want to lose). I really did not even want to carry that box from the car to the house because it was heavy and cumbersome. But I do have a kitty litter box attached to my body and I want to let it go. That fat is not inactive, just sitting there. it is interacting with your whole system and throwing things out of balance. Even though my bloodwork is very good, like Jimmy I am pre-diabetic. My Dr. said that even losing the 20 pounds that I have will make a huge difference to my health. So, no, it is not healthy to be obese even if you have good bloodwork numbers in my opinion. I have been looking at Harry's menus and his are very good. I made his recipe for the pizza canoes with goat cheese and had a couple with some scrambled eggs for breakfast. It was very good and easy. Hang in there buddy. We can help each other. jade

Vadim said...

Thank you Jade! I appreciate your comment. I have personally atruggled with weight almsot all my life. I have few degrees, including a minor in nutritional studies. I am currently working at Suny Downstae Medical Center, the very same center as Dr Feinman, a wolrd renowned biochemist and an aivd low carb follower and researcher. I am an assistant director at the university's student life department. But I also work as an adult echocardiographer. Oh my if I start telling you my life story I wont finish and I do type slow. I am contemplating on starting a video blog, I do talk faster than I type. Jimmy is a nice guy, but he is stubborn and he does make way too many justifications for his weight struggles. I understand his reasons though. But it can get frustrating for many people and I understand that as well. Jimmy would make a great politicain though. But I think he is adoing a great job informing people and providign a lot of free services! I am glad to see you comment. And Harry is a jewel in here, he is the most disciplined and creative out of all of us here!

Didirina said...

My friend loved your joke! He's one of those anomalies--eats a carb-loaded breakfast every day (orange juice, oatmeal with raisins and a whole banana, a bit of milk), and continues on throughout the day with corn beef sandwiches on rye, and chocolate, chocolate, chocolate (dark). He's normal weight, has fantastic lab numbers, and is 94! Good genes, I guess (from Mogolev).

Vadim said...

wow, 94 go figure!

Jim Purdy said...

Weight loss is a very difficult challenge for almost everybody.

I know: I'm trying to stick with a low-carb diet, but I just phoned in a very big, very high-carb food delivery order.

I'll enjoy it in a few minutes, but I'll be scolding myself later.