Monday, June 15, 2009

So much to share, so little time!

Ok guys, as pormised I am writing this very post. Lots of things changed since I last wrote the post. I now do own a wondeful Ragdoll baby boy. He is full of energy, spunk and attitude. But he is simply an invaluable addition to my family. He is a pain in the rear side at times but what a gift! I had to drive 5 hours away to get him from a breeder. Ragdolls are hard to come by where I live and I wanted to make sure I got him from a reputable place. I know some people will never understand why buy a kitten instead of rescuing one, but both I and my parents are very inexperienced cat owners and adopting a cat can and is very challenging at times. Raising a baby is much easier as he is still litte and growing up. He is still full of challenges but I am so happy to have him. His name is Saadya and I will post pics of him soon. Did you know that there is just as much controversy in the cat food industry world about whats to feed a cat as in human one. Lots of cats are coming up with same diseases as humans, especially diabetes. Know why? I think you probably do. Becuase many cat food manufacturers are using soy, corn meal and other cheap carb substitutes to make the food. And cats, unlike humans are completely carnivores not omnivores. So I had to buy him much more expensive food which is the lowest carb content on the market. So, yes, my cat is on the low carb too!

Ok, now a bit of update about me. My symptoms of irregular heart beat, tachycardia, headackes and general fatigue seem to subside and walk away, knock on wood. I am pretty sure that all that scare was attributed to induction. At least thats my biggest hope. For the first 3 days I had no appetite and felt completely awful,so bad that life itslef seemed like punishment. Thanks God I am better now. I will continue to blog my menus and my struggles, but forgive me if i miss a day or two, lol or week!

My weight is 230 pounds now! I did lose 5 pounds but need to lose 60 more.

Today I ate:

Breakfast: 2 chicken meatballs with spinach, artichoke and sun dried tomatoes
1/2 cup of mushrooms
2 oz pistachio nuts

Lunch: 1 can of water packed sardines with avocado, roasted pepper and grilled eggplant slices and squash

Dinner: 1 can of water packed sardines with avocado, roasted pepper and grilled eggplant slices and squash


Anonymous said...

The first of many posts I hope. I look forward to seeing pictures of your new cat.

Harry said...

Congrats on your new pal, your renewed diet (menu looks great by the way), your weight loss and your strengthened health. All good things that you surely deserve.

May the good times continue on! Do as your feline buddy would have you do! :-)

Vadim said...

I did fall off the wagon again, but not that bad. I will blog about it today. Thanks Harry!

Jade said...

Hi there Vadim,
I am so glad that I found your blog to bookmark and to thank you for the kind things that you said about me. I am not a Jimmy hater but get confused by the contradictory messages. His post today was a private email but he chose to publish it which I never intended. He told me that I should have read paragraph 13 of his disclaimer. I was not happy but whatever will be will be. I actually feel bad for DidIrina because she was not supposed to see that email, I really thought it was private between me and Jimmy. Anyway, now I know where you are and I would love to see photos of the kitty cat. You and Harry both seem like nice guys, Hope there is no paragraph 13 that I am supposed to read. jade :)

Vadim said...

Thank you, Jade! I am very, very, very straight forward guy which gets me in trouble from time to time. There is definitely no paragraph 13 anywhere on my blog and anything you want to be private will remain so, period! I might not be a man of my word when it comes to myself but I am definitely a man of my word when it comes to women. Lol, Jimmy got it from me too. I did scold him numerous times on his flip-flopping about diet. Many times he said one thing but would do completely opposite. I am at fault to do it too periodically. I think he intends to stick to a plan and fails without being honest about it. He is always hiding behind some excuse which can be frustrating. I still love what he does to generate knowledge as far as podcasts and other things he does. The man deserves a benefit of the doubt, I believe deep down he is a good man! We are all here to learn and to learn not necessarily from ourselves but may be one another. Jimmy is very honest about his struggles and honest about what he eats, at least I want to believe so, but he gets people frustrating not being consistent about his feelings. I remember his ravings about sweet-free chalenge and how it was woenderful and how he could do it for ever to only fall off it a month later and now he is saying it was intolerable. Come on now, how can you say it was all rosy when you were doing it and now it was intolerable when you are done with it. Its like dating a girl and saying how wonderful she is to get what u want and then trash her when you are all done with her and found another one. I think it makes you very suspicious and negates all your other wonderful qualities. ANd it is not very manly to be honest. But my opinion is mine and his is his. I still love his work and do not follow his menu example. I have my own difficulties but I am always honest about my struggles and never look for excuse. I am at fault, period!

Erika said...

Hi all,

On the Jimmy Moore topic, seeing all the confusion it causes sometimes I think he shouldn't have a public menu. I think he should keep all his other stuff like the blog and the podcast but I'd leave the menu part alone - he's not perfect, he's normal, and even though the logical part of my brian knows this, I (and others) still have the instantaneous reaction to think we should listen wholeheartedly to information on this and that (like the podcasts) but not to this and that (like the menus). It's a hard line to draw. You know? It's logical, and should be possible, but when you're leasurly reading online and relaxing with info it's not on the forefront of one's mind.

Further to this, on the contractions topic with the sweet-free challenge as the example, I kinda think it's human nature to be able to believe and think two contradictory things at once in perfect harmony. I can hate something in the morning and love it by the afternoon and be back to hating it by evening. The more I've thought about this topic (which has been quite a lot over the last year or so in my spare time) I really think it's something you can't use to fault someone. Inconsistency doesn't necessarily imply deception.

So maybe it would be easier for if Jimmy were just a bit less 'real' with us. Whaddya think?