Friday, May 21, 2010

Medifast- Day 1

I recieved my supply of Medifast bars, shakes and oatmeals last night and started the plan today. I barealy had any sleep last night because I had to drive my best friend to the hospital to sign a consent form to intubate his mom who is taking a turn for the worst. She had been disgnosed with colon cancer 6 months ago and was doing ok. But suddenly she started wasting away, literally. Cancer is that sneaky and dangerous! But no matter what I decided to go with the plan today rahter than wait for Monday or tomorrow or Christmas or Khanukah or New Year. Every day is a new beginning and I need to start practicing what I know and preach. I dont know if its sleep deprivation or the food but it wasnt that bad at all. Mind you its day 1. Being that I recently slipped out of ketogenic diet indulging in all kinds of carbs and junk it will take my body several days to get rid of glycogen. And when it does I may then start feeling the effect of switching to ketosis again. But then again medifast is not a high ketogenic diet and it does contain around 60 grams of carbs. Its very low calorie, low fat and relatively low carb plan. So here is my food intake for today:

6 am- Lemon Meringgue Crunch Bar= 110 cals= 13 grams of carbs= 4 grams of fiber= 5 grams of sugar= 11 grams of protein and 2.5 grams of fat

12 pm- Lemon Meringgue Crunch Bar= 110 cals= 13 grams of carbs= 4 grams of fiber= 5 grams of sugar= 11 grams of protein and 2.5 grams of fat

3 pm- Lemon Meringgue Crunch Bar= 110 cals= 13 grams of carbs= 4 grams of fiber= 5 grams of sugar= 11 grams of protein and 2.5 grams of fat

7 pm- Apple Cinammon Oatmeal= ,100 cals= 14 grams carbs= 4 grams fiber= 10 grams protein

9 pm- 6 0z grilled chicken with 1 cup of greens= 375 calories= 50 grams of protein

12 am- Medifast Dark Chocolate= 90 calories= 14 grams carbs=4 grams fiber=14 grams of protein

Totals for the day:

Cals= 895
Carbs= 68 grms
Fiber= 20 grams
Net carbs= 48 grams
Protein= 105 grams

So thats basically how my menus will look as far as calories and micronutirents distributions. I know, I know its really low cals. I would be the first to tell its kind of very low but many, many people swear by this plan, including thousands of doctors. This plan has been around for years and had helped many obese people to get back their lives. I dont know. I will report on my progress weekly. I hope, pray and look forward to being consistent with this plan and give it all my best effort. I need to get in shape and reclaim my health. This plan has structure, convenience and proven record. I believe! I may do weekly video update through vblog as well.


SheZug said...

wow, that is low calorie! Does the medifast plan specify a calorie range for women vs. men?

NewVision said...

I'm rooting for you.
How does the food taste??

Vadim said...

Not really! They just basically recommend a bit higher protein intake for men. In general the caloric intake should be at around 1000-1100 calories for men. So far so good! Food taste actually ok. Nothing to brag about but its not bad at all. Its a bit expensive though. It cost approximately 300 a month. Its very early for me to comment on it but there are so many who stand by it saying nothing but positive things. Thanks guys!

~Oct said...

Good luck on the new plan and I hope it gives you great results. :)

OnPoint said...

Vadim, you're on a good course, and you will see outstanding results. Just make sure to tailor the plan so that you can stick with it. I don't want to see you get so disgusted with the plan's restrictions that you abandon it altogether.

The calories are low, but the goal of weight loss surgery, for example, is to cut calories down to 500-800/day. You are just doing it on your own. You can minimize metabolic damage by eating a more normal calorie amount 1-2x/wk and maybe doing some light resistance training on those days.

You're gonna do spectacularly well with this. Medifast works. It always works. You don't have to worry about it working. No endless tweaks. You can go on and off of it as needed (unless low carb). It's gonna be beautiful.

I tell ya' - ain't nuthin' nicer than seeing a few pounds coming off from week-to-week.

Vadim said...

Thanks guys! Today was second day and although I had bad headacke I felt energetic and not that hungry. The headacke wasn't intolerable but it's expected since my body is switching from glycogen to ketones

Stephanie said...

Wow, good luck with that!
So sorry to hear about your friend's mom...

Vadim said...

Thanks Stephanie!

NewVision said...

How is it going? Still on plan and feeling fine I hope. :)

Vadim said...

I have been a good boy for first days. On the fifth day I overindulged in meat and egg salad. It was my bday last night so my coworkers insisted on taking me out and there was tons of food. But I did stayed away from any alcoholic beverages and carbs. I ate a lot of egg salad though and it made me sick to my stomack. I had bad case of arthritic pain all over with accompanied fatigue and indigestion. It was hell. Otherwise the plan is very managable and suprisingly easy to do. I will weigh myself on Sunday to see how its going. I am allowing two extra days to make up for a mini binge I had.

NewVision said...

Happy Vadim!!!!
Happy Birthday to you.
Happy Birthday to YOU.
Happppppy Birrrrthhhhday DEAR VADIM,
Happy Birthday Toooooo Yooooouuuuuu.<--- That was me singing to you. hahaha I guarantee you it sounded better here than in person. hahaha

I'm glad things are going well for you. I can't wait for your first weigh in.
I'm so excited for you. :)

Vadim said...


OnPoint said...

Vadim, I am looking forward to seeing your results. I hope you are still doing okay with this. I know I may sound like a broken record, but unlike low carb, one cheap or slip-up does not define the experience. Even if you have not followed the plan perfectly, don't give up!

You are inspiring me. I have had a number of false starts over the past year. I'm having to learn how to handle life, rather than life handling me - and driving me to overeat. I believe in the health benefits of low carb, but I never really saw much weight loss on low carb. Medifast is popular b/c it works so well and quickly.

I'm not interested in the diet wars anymore. I am sympathetic to what Jimmy is going through right now - dieting stricter than ever to completely disappointings results at a point very far from his goal. I'm not looking to figure out the mysteries of a particular WOE. I want to do what will bring results.

Some critics will say Medifast losses are only temporary, but the reality is, that is true for every diet, no matter what it is.

I've never done Medifast, but I have experimented with up/down day dieting in the past. It's actually a fairly good way to control calories, b/c you always know you are only one day from your favorite meals. But now I'm thinking about alternating a Medifast-type regimen with normal food days.

Keep up the good work, do not get discouraged, and let is know how it's going.

Vadim said...

Thanks for your support ongoing, it truly means a lot. I will weigh in tomorrow morning and find out exactly how much I lost. I did go off plan but has been low carving nevertheless. I stayed stricktly on plan for five days and lost 5 pounds. So no matter what I will have lost weight despite being off for few days. The plan is very managable. I will restart the plan tommprow and will commit to it this time. I know it will be succesful I just feel it.