Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ready To Join The Calorie Restriction Society?

Jimmy Moore once asked this question on his menu blog and it seemed like a no brainer answer. Not so fast Sherlock! I am ready to join Medifast! I am sure you guys have heard of this company. Basically its a low calorie, low carb, low fat plan created by a doctor and used by many doctors to treat morbidly ovese individuals. I have heard numerous stories of its success. Lots of people do swear by it and promise great results. I tried it twice and failed miserably. So why do I even want to try it again? Number one: I think I am mentally ready this time. Number two: it will give me all the necessary tools for success. Number three: I dont have to worry about micronutrients, ratios, fiber content and so on. My weight had spiraled out of control and I need to do something about it before hot, sticky New York summer hits and its right around the corner. I will do everything I can to give Medifast a fair try this time. I just ordered 4 weeks worth of food. I will keep my blog updated weekly to post results for those who are curious. As always thank you for reading and thank you for your support. If you guys have any questions, comments I welcome them all. I am an open minded guy and I promise not to take anything personal. I know many people are against such a drastic plan, and believe me I was one of them as late as yesterday. But today I changed my mind. I need help and Medifast was created and had been in business for many years helping people like me get back on track. I believe!


Harry/JP said...

Best of luck, Vadim!

I hope this is just the kick start you need to get back on track!

Looking forward to following along on your Medifast experiment.

Vadim said...

Yes, Sir! I dont plan anything at this moment. last few times I ended spending more than a thousands dollars on it and gained weight. So no planning this time accept planning to succeed. Last time I was amature about falling off and pretty much implemented all or nothing attitude. This time I plan on having emergency cheat food just in case, such as Atkins shakes and bars. This plan ought to give me a bit of freedom and ease of mind, hopefully. Harry, thanks for your unrelentless support!

SheZug said...

Vadim, I like you, because like me no matter how many times you fail, you always pick yourself up and dust off the cobwebs and start again. I'm starting to get back into the groove again too. I thank the nutritionist I have been working with that has helped me. Belive me, I couldn't afford her if I had to pay, so I feel fortunate to work for a company that has such a great benefit.
I've thought about everything from Medifast to gastric bypass. I just was thinking about gastric bypass yet again within the last hour. But I refuse to use that tool unless nothing else works. The only thing in my way is my brain.

Vadim said...

lol, I like you too! Some people call it insanity! At least Eisntein did. But I am not doing same thing all over again, I simply rearrange my options and revisit other plans in order to jump start my weight loss without feeling horrible effects of IBS. Hopefully Medifast can dio that for me, we ll see! Thanks for your support!

NewVision said...

Hey Vidim,
I'm sorry I missed this post until tonight.
Looking forward to hearing of your success. I've been following another blogger who is also using Medifast. Thought you might be interested.
Escape From Obesity blog Lyn has been doing really well on the Medifast. Hope you do as well.

Are you walking again this year?

Have a great day Vadim.

NewVision said...

I don't think that linked worked, sorry. But here is the link

OnPoint said...

Vadim, I am rooting for you. Medifast is a bit drastic, but here is the kicker - IT WORKS. It's your basic low cal plan designed to pull the weight off. And of course, you can always work it to your advantage. I'm a big believer in being able to go on and off any plan as needed. You could choose a couple of days per week as normal food days, or you could decide to have a few regular food meals per week. None of us became obese (or in my case, super morbidly obese) by eating poorly occasionally, but rather by consistently overeating and/or eating the wrong things.

Good luck! Just remember to tailor the plan for yourself in such a way that you don't crash and burn and give up.

Vadim said...

Thank you Onpoint! right on, I absolutely agree with you!