Thursday, September 9, 2010

Does a rock bottom have a dimension?

I thought I hit the rock bottom few weeks ago. But I am continuing my free fall as my weight had plummeted all the way to 265 pounds. I dont even know what to say any more. But I know one thing and that it can still be a learning lesson somehow. I did attempt to go back to low carb, oh I did. But the symptoms were intolerable and I cant seem to do it half way. Its either I go fully or I dont and binge. In any case this is a good time to just sit back and contemplate on why I am where I am and most importangly how to get out of this dark place. I still believe though that one day it will happen. Thanks for still being there, I know few people still check this blog lol and I do appreciate it!


Harry/JP said...


Many, many people (myself included) struggle with obstacles that we can't seem to overcome. You're not alone in that.

I won't propose another strategy right now. I'll simply wish you well in your search for answers within.

Keep me/us posted if you think of a way we can support you on your path.

Vadim said...

Darn, I thought i was special going through adversities lol. Thanks Harry! I did hit the lowest point, I hope! I ate Mcdonalds on my home every night. Say what?! And I was never even a fan of Mcdonalds ever! I was just self-medicating with the most horrific food and in such quantities that it looked I was punishing myself for things that are beyond my control. But again, I am a beleiver that it will go my way one day! Thanks Harry as always!

OnPoint said...

Vadim, your weight loss problems are clearly emotional. I hope you can get with a therapist or do the work on your own to gain ascendancy over your emotional issues.