Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Oh my! I am soooooooooooooooooo insanely stubborn! Back to square 1 agaaaaaain!

As I was laying in my bed watching TV there it was staring at me. I could ignore it, I could turn the other way, but I didnt. There it was a whole unused box of Medifast foods. All I kept thinking was I cant believe spending more then a thousands dollars to gain somewhat of 50 pounds. I tried and tried and failed and failed. This plan has great reviews, people who persevere with it all swear by it. So why couldnt I just suck it out I kept saying? And the more I kept analizing my former challenges and all those failures the more I kept thinking what October said, that is wasnt my willpower or lack of discipline. It was all my emotional demons. And this morning I got up having a new compromised plan in mind. And I will call it An October plan! First, because its October who suggested it and second because October is around the corner and why not make a special month, a month of a new beginning a month of more sanity rather then that thing that you keep doing it expecting different results. I will compromise and instead of trying to fail I will eat to win. I will be using my Medifast meals 5 times like I am supposed to on Medifast plan but instead of having one additional meal and no snacks I will have no limitation on additional meals or snacks but will keep them low carb. So instead of coming home with a ravenous hunger and trying to keep at bay I will have a low carb meal and a snack to keep my demons happy yet not binging thinking I failed. And hopefully it will bring me back to sanity and move my weight down. I am currently at 270 pounds. Its simply unbelievable!!! But unlike Jimmy Moore I have only me to blame. I got to this weight by eating enormous amounts of bad carbs and fast food meals. I must stop this insane dead end subconscious subotaging where I need to be perfect. Every bite of food off the plan turned out to be an extra 2000 calories of junk food simply because I had an extra bite. I will be posting more often if people are still reading, lol.


SheZug said...

Yes Vadim, you should post more often. How about once a week to start?

Harry/JP said...

Good on you for continuing to find the right path.

POct is a great source for inspiration. A kind and wise soul.

My best wishes to you, Mr. V!

~Oct said...

October is a great month. :) Best of luck Vadim!

OnPoint said...

Good luck, Vadim. I'm glad your optimism is returning, but I worry that you are setting yourself up to fail - unlimited extra low carb meals and snacks. You're a big guy, so I would not expect you to make it on Medifast calories (800-1000/day), but you also don't want to snack your way back up to 3000+ cals/day.

Some suggestions:

1. Add a protein for satiety to your breakfast Medifast meal. Like a 100-calorie portion of turkey kielbasa, a boiled egg, or something.

2. Substitute your 4 p.m. Medifast meal for 300 calories of protein - maybe chicken or tuna salad, a chicken breast, eggs, or something along those lines. This will keep you from being ravenous by dinnertime.

3. Every other day, have a meal you really enjoy, up to about 1500 calories. No, this will not keep you from losing weight, but it will lessen your likelihood of cheating. Keep in mind that even with a 1500 calorie splurge (with the other meals being Medifast meals), you would STILL be in your weight loss calorie range. A daily total of 2000 calories should keep a 270-lb man losing weight.

Shhh . . . Medifast is more effective than low carb. Low carb will be a beneficial component to what you are doing b/c it will help with satiety, but there is no point in doing Medifast if you are not going to keep your calories under control.

Vadim said...

Thanks guys!