Sunday, October 10, 2010

Shishhhhhhhh! Can it really be happening?

Today is my day 2 on Medifast plan agaaaaaaain! So after all these miserable failures I have survived day 1! And it wasnt bad. It seems like my emotional demons went to sleep at least for a day. It wasnt easy but it was managable. I planned my meals ahead and ended up having my last meal at 8 pm. I spent yesterday in the Pocono mountains in PA where I recently purchased a land and a trailer in a wonderful eagle Lake community. Its simply a getaway place from NYC on weekends into the wilderness of nature. There is plenty of beuaty to go around with falling automn leafs and fresh crispy air. So after having a last meal for the day at 8 pm I headed to Mohegan Sun casino and spent about 4 hours gambling. I was loosing in the beginning but then hit $500 and got my money back plus some. By the time I went home at about 2 am I was very hungry but went to bed and called it a day. So for the first time in a very loooooooooooong time I did manage to make it one perfect day on plan. Today is day 2 and is definitely tougher. I probably entered mild ketosis and I have a bad headacke. Day 3 which is tomorrow is supposed to be the hardest, but for now its day 2! it seems like my emotional demons are at bay, at least now at the moment so shishhhhh dont wake them up! But in the very least it gives me hope. If I did it for a day I can do it for another and another and another.......


SheZug said...

Yes, if you can do it for one day, then two, then three, then four, then a week!

P.S. I know someone who works at Mohegan Sun!!! Good for you for getting some land and a house outside of NYC. I don't live in a city nearly as large as you, but the sounds of the city do get to me. I live only one block from the the biggest street so it is constantly sirens and honking horns. You enjoy your time in the peace and quiet. I think it will help quiet your mind.

OnPoint said...

Woohoo! Great going, V.

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."

Harry/JP said...

Well done, Vadim. :-)

Lately, I've adopted an even more specific philosophy than, "One day at a time". I prefer, "One decision at a time". More opportunities for success and chances to recover from temporary setbacks.

I hope you continue to make good decisions. I know you can and you deserve it.

Congrats on your new PA getaway. We can all use some time away. There's no place like a natural setting for that, IMO. Excellent.