Wednesday, October 13, 2010

If I woke up happy I didnt wake up yet! My demons are widely awake now!

No excuses! I blew it again big time! I was doing great for a few days and..... Thank you guys for your support! Harry wrote something that made so much sense the other day. He said instead of taking it one day at a time just take it one decision at a time. Its a perfect strategy and a winning one. I hope one of these days I will concur my weaknesses and addictions and use them as just bad experiences!


Harry/JP said...

You'll get there, Vadim. I'm confident of it.

I'm working on a new recipe that I think might help you stay on course. More details as I figure them out.

Hope you have a splendid weekend!

Vadim said...

Thanks Harry!

VoiceplateDeals said...

The Battle of the Bulge,
It's a tough one!