Friday, December 24, 2010

Can one have a cake and eat it too?!

Ok, this may sound unrealistic but according to the author of the book the Alternate Day Diet, Dr Johnson, it's not only possible but preferable. I stumbled upon this book by reading one of the comments left by none other then pooti on a Jimmy Moore food blog. She highly recommended this book. Upon further investigation I discovered that pooti lost a lot of weight following this program. I remember how strict and religious she was about low carb regimen to a point where she followed almost zero carb lifestyle and yet saw no results. I was intrigued to have found out how well she is doing on CRON type of diet which si
y stands for calorie restriction optimum nutrition. I just finished reading the book and it makes so much sense. d
Dr Johnson readjusted the calorie restriction plan to fit his own lifestyle and it worked like a manic for him and his many clients. The premise of this plan is simple: one alternates between no limit food consumption one day to be followed by a very low calorie consu
prion the next. My favorite book on diet of all time is Okinawa diet. I was also fascinated with Okinawian lifestyle. If you haven't read about these amazing people I highly recommend you do so. They are the longest living human species with the most centerians per capital in the world with no nursing homes for elders, their culture doesn't allow it. I am itching to give this lifestyle a big fat effort. I am being realistic though, I have before with mixed results. However I will never quit and I have this eternal belief that one day I will find the way. I am now at 285 pounds and I got there by being so irresponsible to my body that it would take a long time to write, may be one day I ll recount it just so I can visibly see how much junk I fed my own self. Self-destructive behavior at it's worst. So are you ready to join the calorie restriction society, Jimmy Moore once asked? He gave the resounding no answer, however all weight loss diets must operate on that premise and there is more and more evidence that longevity and health are as well. Yes, low carb may indeed have an upper hand in controlling hunger better but in the end it's still lower calorie consumption to be successful. So I say a resounding yes to Dr Johnson and hopefully once again I ll be roaming my own self induced destructive behavior world or...... Or I may find that this time it's all going to be different and I will have found the way!


SheZug said...

Ok Vaddy, you do your diet and stick to it. Stick to the walking with NORMO. I'll do my thing and walk with PEDI. 10,000 steps a day, no less! I think 2011 will be our year!

Vadim said...

Lol sounds good, I am signing.

OnPoint said...

Yes, you can!

Have cake and eat it too, that is.

I'm glad you are considering a plan like JUDDDD. You can use your Medifast products for the down days.