Thursday, January 20, 2011

New update!

I have been sick with a bad case of cold/bronchiati for the past week. So naturally my appetite wasnt there and I decided to use it to my advantage. So I gave a MEdifast one more good , old try. Sicne I have $500 worht of food, why not? First three days were a breezer, I even had to force myself to eat. And I lost about 6 pounds in the process. But today, thursday was much tougher. Thursdays are always a killer for me. But today I did something I hadnt been able to do for the looooooongest time and that is to manage cheating a bit without resorting to a guilt/binging all or nothing technique that soem of you might be familiar with. I did cheat today here and there. I ate tai chicken with grilled vegetables which in itself isnt bad, but I ate a ton of it. And later today I ate one samll yogurt because I was craving sweets. However I stopped myself from any further damage by breathing in and out and using reasoning instead of instant gratification. Was I pissed? Yes! I was inititally! After all I wanted to do a whole week without cheating. But a bit of cheating is much different from a looooooot of cheating, wouldnt you agree? So I still consider it a victory, a small one! I decided to update my progress weekly if there are any. I am still not certain what plan I will embark on. I think it might be a combination of Medifast and other low carb foods as needed.

Current weight= 280 pounds ( 5 pounds lost ) first time in many months!


SheZug said...

YAY! You can do it Vadim. I'm cheering you and my friend on who just started medifast today.

Actually, all my friends are on weight loss plans now. Everyone's got that summer swimsuit in mind it seems.

Not me, I've got my future in mind.

You can do it. Focus my friend. That's what I am doing. I'm going to focus and follow my plan to the letter so that I know I did everything I could.

GO VADIM!!!!!!

Flavia said...

Oh man, can I ever relate! I am trying to be more moderate and stop the cycle! I even wrote a post on moderation-

I have had a lot of little treats here and there, but have not resorted to all or nothing for over a week :)
You can do it!