Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Whats the difference between a pregnant woman and a fat man?

I totally let it go tonight! I ate and ate and ate and ate and ate and ate and ate and then......... I ate and ate and ate and ate and ate.....and then I couldnt eat any more, so I ate no more!

But its ok! Yes, you heard me right, its ok! I fell hard on my face but while I was down a big lightbulb came on. And while the light bulb came on I saw the light! I got it! I got it, I got it! I am back in the loop! I found the answer I was looking for all this time that I was gaining weight. I must go back to the roots of the low carb life, basics so to speak, fundamentals so to write. And while I was down guess who came to mind? Harry! I saw his menu, his wonderful variety of low carb wholesome food and consistent resolve. I need to eat wholesome and real food. And that requires preparation, planning and imagination. So back to induction. For the first time since I started doing low carb I truly want to go to induction. May be because it symbolises a new beginning, a new step toward hope for better results!

I am sick and tired of being pregnant for so long. My boss was having an emotional day at work. i caught her in a wrong moment and she yelled at me for no particular reasons. Well, I gave her the LOOK. I give her THE LOOK every time she pisses me off. She said, listen, wrong day to get on my nerves. I said " I know how you feel". She asked me sarcastically " Do you really? " I said ''I do really! But unlike your pregnancy mine has been more than 9 months! She gave me THE LOOK and went back to her office! I love women!


Anonymous said...

Vadim, good to see you back posting. LOL, you are so funny!

About the induction. If you really want it to work, try Atkins '72. You can get the book online (used) and it was the best way to do the Atkins diet.

After all the tweaks that came later and starting at 20 grams of carbs, more and more people seem to have little to no success and tons of cravings.

The original Atkins was basically a zero carb diet for the first week. You added in 5 grams after the first week if you were losing. You only add carbs if your cravings are under control and if you stop losing or start gaining then you go back to the previous level of carbs.

Even low carb forums which promote the Atkins '72 diet have people on there tweaking away adding low carb treats and AS.

Get the book, read it and do exactly what it says (except for the diet sodas). You will succeed.

Best of luck,


Vadim said...

Thanks, I cant say I will but worht reading.

Harry said...

I'm behind you 100%, Vadim!

A fresh start sounds about right. And the induction phase seems like a good place to begin.

A good, solid plan should be helpful. Perfection isn't necessary but a road map is!

Keep us posted. We're here to support you! :-)