Friday, December 18, 2009

Ahaaaaa moment has visited me once again, but will it stay!

I have been off course for a long time now gaining around 22 pounds in the process. I went from 218 to 240 pounds. The intresting thing is that once I cheated once it was all over. I can come up with a millions excuses like it was Holiday season and mad amounts of parties at my place of work or I was a bit emotional due to lots of circumstances in my life or many, many more. But in the end they are all excuses. But what bugs me the most is that when I do plan ahead low carb is so easy to folow. I even find more way than one to eat plenty of sweet tasting food while on it and not gain weight. I remember times when I would totally pig out low carb style eating insane amounts of sugar-free chocolate, nuts and other treats. I may have not lost weight but I didnt gain 22 pounds and I never felt deprived. So it all comes down to planning and comittment. Any way, yesterday was the first day in a looooooong time that I went back on low carb life. I decided purposefully not to do any of the cold turkey stuff and included plenty of food including some treats such as frozen berries with silvered nuts on it. I ate plenty and it was so easy. Today I came to work and there were hundreds of cookies, pastires and other crap all around my office. I felt like a cursed man who is being attacked by vicious demons whispering in my ear " Come on fat man I dare you to stay away" And to top it all off I failed to plan and that is bring emergency treats. But after a short loss of senses I did regain control and kept repeating " One is too many , 100 is not enough. I was tempted, I was seduced but I did manage to say no. One day at a time, one day ata time. Today is going to be a good day and I will do it low carb way!


Harry/JP said...

Good for you, Vadim! Well done! :)

Anonymous said...

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Harry/JP said...


Just dropping in on Christmas morning to wish you a happy day. I hope you have the opportunity to spend it with those you love most.

My best to you now and in the year to come! Look out 2010, this is going to be Vadim's year! :)

Take good care, amigo!

Anonymous said...

How it can be defined?

Niki said...

I slipped too! After over 2 and a half years of being sugar free I decided I "DESERVED" something once a month with sugar. What a spiral down. It went from one meal to a 3 day binge and 7 pound gain. For me, I know now that because I am and addict I can't have even a tate or it sets me lose like a crazy woman wanting more and never being able to get enough. It was a wonderful reminder to me =) A hard one, but a good one! I know you can do it. Sending you peace.
a.k.a. Oh.2.B.Fit

Anonymous said...


Vadim said...

Thanks Harry, I surely hope 2010 is the year of many pluses not minuses in a good way. The most important things in life is family and health. i pray my Mom will pull through her cancer and I pray i find my ways as well. And the rest is up to me and great God! Thank you Niki. I hear you loud and clear. There is a saying that one is too many, 100 is not enough. Dont dwell on the fall, get up and walk again on the low carb road. I am in the same boat, one cookie will do me in completely.