Friday, December 4, 2009

Ladies and other species of human race! Can I ask for your attention please!

Here we go again! I was challenged today by a fellow blogger named Shezug to another challenge! Do you think I was up to it? You would think not. Why would he, you would exclaim! After all whats the point? The whole idea of the challenge is to generate results, a positive that is. But whats the point of challenges if there are no results soon after. Its like peeing against the wind, it is bound to hit you on a way back. But that would be a sane person logic. But not mine, lol! But sanity is boring and who needs it? I am so up for another challenge if only to regenrate something in my brain to wake up a real Vadim. I know that somehow, somewhere there are all the answers for me to have a life that i dreamt of, not the journey in constant need of navigation. So Challenge it is my lovely fellow blogger Shezug! But it has to be the Challenge, not just another challenge. The Challenge! Life is boring without those challenges. Challenges are needed to dig deep inside for some resolve, for some pick me uppers! We need those occasional pick me uppers! challenges can be healthy if done appropriately not in a spirit of win at all costs but personal win instead. So here is the Challenge for you Shezug from me: for the next three weeks until the end of the year lets finish 2009 on the best possible nutritional road. There is only one rule. I call it sanity rule or in-voice rule. Deep inside we all know whats good for us. deep inside we all what our bodies really need, not want, need. So lets just do the next three weeks listening to what our bodies need ans stop satisfying that ugly emotional demon of ours that keeps naggin us each and every time we are sad, lonely, depressed or tired. Lets Challenge ourselves to take each and every bite like a sacred bite worth putting in our months. We are worht it. Shezug, I believe we can do it. so for the next three weeks I challenge you to eat the best, healthiest food you know your body needs. Let it be wholesome, natural, nutritional and satisfying. Let it be as clean and pesticide free as possible. You might chose to do Paleo, I might chose protein power route but whatever it is lets make it the best end of 2009 as we can. What do you think my friend Shezug. By the way I think you have got the coolest nickname, I am jeoluous. Anyway, when do we start, how about Sunday? No, lets start tomorrow. I am starting now already. That was always part of my problem, delaying living healthy and wisely. It was convenient to say lets do it Monday. It gave me license to pig out on Saturday and Sunday. No more delaying, lets just do it. I believe in you, i know you can! I am starting tomorrow and i will even try to videoblog about it finally. No, i hate that word trying. I will videoblog about it too! So tomorrow it is. It may not be perfect, it may not be healthy all the time, but thats why it is THE CHALLENGE!


Harry/JP said...

Sounds like a fantastic plan!

Good luck to you both and bravo to Shezug for suggesting it!

Go get 'em "guys"! :-)

SheZug said...

Let's get it on!

I'm up for the challenge and will start right now. You are absolutely right, we all know what our bodies need and should stop feeding the beast that resides within.

I'll be sticking to my paleo guns and drinking more water.

I love challenges!

Anonymous said...

good luck! I am challenging my hubby and its working and keeping me on track, so I think a little ocmpetition is a great motivator!

NewVision said...

Good luck Vadim,
Just popping in to say Hi and happy holidays to ya.

Vadim said...

I havent been exactly good for thelast tow days, but I am hanging in there. I didnt set up bar extreamly high this time. So far so ok. I will update today or tomorrow.

Harry/JP said...

Knock knock. Is Vadim home? Waiting on that blog, amigo! :-)