Thursday, March 5, 2009

Challenge it is not, but something to aim for it is!

Ok, dear followers of my insane ever changing blog! Here I come again! In 100 or so days blogging I have done everything or almost everything wrong. And the first and most important thing I did wrong was to challenge myself doing things that I wasnt ready to do! Challenges are fun and bring out the best in people. It is absolutely ok for people to challenge themselves to aim higher, dream bigger and live fuller! Challenges bring out the best in people and let them discover bounderies are only mental limitations. However saying all that one needs to be psychologically ready. And I for one was not! So I am deciding to aim for much easier tasks. I will aim to stay on low carb for 100 days without breaking it. I will not attempt to weigh myself or count calories. I will count carbs though or at least try to be as clean as possible! I am now at my third highest weight ever= 250 pounds! I would always wait till Mondays or New Year or new this or new that to start new and healthier life. Why not start Thursday? Every time I started Thursday I failed. I know its in my head. Time to break free of that mindset. I am starting today, Thursday and count down 100 days to low carb life. Let me define Low carb life as I see it. I will definitely attempt to stay below 50 grams of total carbs a day! I will keep my fingers crossed and I know its absolutely doable. Will it be perfect? I know it probably wont, but is it doable? I know it is, I did for 6 month last year. It wont be purist low carb as some define it ,but it will be low carb the way I see it and it will keep my insulin low! Here we go, DAY 1 is today! Here we go again!


Harry said...

I know you can do this, Vadim!

I want you to know it too! Prove it to yourself!

It's time to show your body and mind who's boss! :-)

BTW, can you tell us about your new picture? I'm sure there's a story behind it!

Anonymous said...

Dr. Sears (Zone Diet) always says that "you're only one meal away from the Zone." Whether you're on the Zone plan or another one, each meal is an opportunity for success! If one doesn't go so well, another chance will be coming up soon!

~Didirina (couldn't get the Google/Blogger to work)

Vadim said...

Harry, there are lots of stories behind that picture. Good memories! Some time I will tell it but now its just a picture. That was my ex-girlfriend. I still miss her badly even though she is like an ice cream. Tastes good, yammy but eventually will kill you! Didrina, I am with you girl , your philosophy is so like mine!

Oct said...

Best of luck with your new goals. I know you can do it and you will feel better with every day that goals by. Even the bad days in life are better when you know you are sticking to a goal and doing great things for your body a little at a time.

Didirina said...

Hey Vadim,

Just checking in. How're you doing?

Vadim said...

I am doing ok so far. Thanks Didrina! I started low carbing again on Thursday, least favorite day of the week, but so far so good. i am actually enjoying it fully. I did survive two parties, but ate plenty of stuffed chicken. chicken was stuffed with baked apple. didnt eat any apple but it was infused witht the flavour. GOOOOOd staff! i havent counted calories though. I am eating till full satisfaction! i will start updating my blog soon. But thnks for asking!

Harry said...

I'm happy to hear of your success, Vadim. :-) Keep on treating yourself right!

Looking forward to your return to Blogville.

Until then ... be well!

Vadim said...

Thanks Harry!

NewVision said...

Hey Vadim,
Just dropping by to see how your doing.
I thought I had commented on this post, sorry about that. You know I'm always lurking around. :)
Glad to hear your doing so well.
How are you and the boss doing?
Hopefully she has come to her senses.
Catch ya later.

Vadim said...

My boss and I are ok now. I am avoiding her for the most part and doing my job. I am giving her almost no reasons to be bitchy about anyhting and we just say hi and bye. Thats pretty much in a nutshell!

Harry said...

Knock, knock ... anyone home?

When are you coming back to the blogosphere, Mr. V?

How about an update? I've been wondering how you're doing but I hate to bug you about it. I sure hope things are continuing on in a positive direction.

Be well.

Vadim said...

Lol, Harry you are so welcome to knock any time! I have been so freaking busy and stressed at work! I do read everyone's blogs though, just havent commented a lot. I do miss blogging and will pick it up soon!

Didirina said...

Happy Spring, Vadim!

I saw your post on Jimmy's menu blog and am very grateful.

How have you been? Have you been Kissing and Killing?

Vadim said...

Thanks Didrina! I am doing much better now. Still eat a lot and not losing much at all but at least I went back ona low carb train and stopped the high carb junk express. I will start posting soon. thanks again!

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