Friday, September 18, 2009

Energizer bunny you say, ha ha ha I can beat him to the curb today!

I am on day 1 of 6 weeks cure! Yeahhhhhhhh! So far so good, shhhhhhhhhhhh! Dont wake up my demons while they are asleep! I hope and pray they are gone but if not at least went harbination so I can have my peace for at least two weeks and finish this cruel challenge that I started a year ago. Today was a strange day indeed! I havent had a good night sleep today or last night or last year or, well, you get the picture! I joined and decided to teste drive few cars. I have already driven BMW 328 i which was cool. But I would never buy it. Lots of power, yes, lots of prestige, yes. But lots of money and unnecessary emitions. So no to BMW! Then I test drove few others including Scion XB; Toyota prius and mini. The verdict is in! I would have never thought in a million years it would be this car but it stole my heart! Here we go, lets the drum beat..........Toyota prius! Loved it! There is something about it that made me ticklish and at 50 MPG how can you not feel orgazmic. Plus going green too! Ok, back to the nutrition. I felt ok, a bit hungry at night, what else is new but managable. I only drank two shakes though. Hopefully tomorrow I will start 100 percent on the plan. Bad news I gained 7 pounds being a bad boy lately and pigging out but good news is that I only gained 7 pounds piggin out and being a bad boy! So now I am now back to 230, actually I was 235 so I am still down 5 pounds!

12 pm- 3 eggs omelette with slice of tomato, a tsp olive oil and a can of trout in oil and vinegar!

5 pm- 2 scoops of chocolate peanut butter whey protein with water and stevia. ( didnt have any cream at work)

9 pm- same as 5 pm.


Anonymous said...

Looks good Vadim! Good luck, just get day one out of the way, and you are home free!

Harry/JP said...

Well done, Vadim!

I'm hoping today is another winning day (and night) for you.

PS - This is coming from another Prius driver. :-)

Vadim said...


Vadim said...

Thanks Harry!

Angie said...

What kind of protein powder do you use?

Vadim said...

Angie, i like to use Isopure whey protein. Its 0 carb but a bit pricey!