Saturday, September 12, 2009

I am back!

I am totally back! This Sunday should be the day when I totally retry my protein shake and one meal plan again. Who would have thought that my plan which was the whole theme of this blog would be the exact plan Dr Eades created for his first two weeks in his new book. I mean its that much similar! So if I was doubtful even a week ago about giving it another shot, I am no more. I am giving it another shot! And this time it should be on video tube like youtube to document it every day, struggles and all! I have no illusion about it. It will be tough, it will be boring, and it will be long. But the most important thing to know that it Will Be! I am back baby, so do not try to stop me now! And to my dear female friend who thought men are weaker, I say loud and clear again " No female will ever beat in any competitive activity, diet or not! The only thing they will ever beat me in is diaper changing, an art of seduction and thats about it! So there I said it women, deal with it! I am baaaaaaaack!


Harry/JP said...

You can do it, Vadim!

Looking forward to watching your triumph! :-)

Angie said...

Glad to see you are back with a vengeance! ;)

Sophie said...

TOmorrow I am giving blood and starting week 3 of the 6WCFMAM bby the Eades. I just stumbled onto your blog from Jimmy Moore's site. Have you read the book? I would love to go on this journey with you!
Best, Sophie in CA