Monday, September 14, 2009

What is it about restricitons that brings about defiance?

Ok, I have decided to proceed with two weeks of protein shakes and one meal plan. I knew going in it was going to be tough. If it wasnt I would have been able to complete it by now. I have tried it numerous times to no avail. Each and every time it was a psychological struggle much more than a physical one. I naturally do not like restriciton! And anything that restricts my freedom, be it nutrition wise or anyhting else, makes me resist it on subconscious level. One of the most attractive feature of the low carb lifestyle is an ability to eat liberally without counting calories. And it gives you freedom. Yes, from time to time we need to vary even the low carb lifestyle, but as far as eating to satisfaction, there is no problem there. Protein shakes and one meal plan as described in Dr Eades new book is both challenging and rewarding! But boy is it tough! And I went off the low carb few days before allowing myslef to eat food that I knew wasnt good for me. Low carb is a prescribed philosophy and it is a lifestyle. There is no need for us to get off of it in order to cheat. But going on a more restricted two weeks of protein shakes makes my subconscious mind rebel. And it does rebel by wanting to eat junk in anticipation of upcoming punishment.Therefore I dont believe in protein shakes only, at least for long term. The whole reason low carb is successful for people like me is that I dont have to restrict myself calories wise. So with Gods help and my resolve I will be finishing these two next week of an old challenge so I can have some closure! It has been way too personal! I finished day one today! First day, first check. I wanted to videotype my journey but will not be able to do it due to lack of time and quite frankly lack of energy. By the time I come home I dont have it in me to videotape it. But I will eventually get to it as promised!

3 protein shakes
2 turkey hot dogs
2 tablesppons avocado


~Oct said...

Good luck with your 2 protein shakes and 1 meal plan. What do your protein shakes consist of? I'm curious because I have a shake nearly every morning and I'm always interested in new ways to make them! :D

Anonymous said...

How about this.... It isn't restriction if you CHOOSE to follow a plan. Maybe you should adjust your thinking. A wise & stubborn Brooklynite named Vadim gave me the same advice months ago.

By the way, I bet you I can do two weeks of your plan! I thought about this last night after eating very little food wise, but consuming a couple of protein shakes for meals. I think it's easy.

I'm with Oct, I have been inspired by her and Harry to make more complex shakes with a variety of ingredients. I used to just use almond milk or low carb milk with protein powder and ice. Now my shakes ingredient lists are getting longer and my shakes are getting really tasty!

I am having fun dreaming up new flavors and have even started a list on my computer of ingredients to mix and match for future purposes.

Vadim said...

October, I have used different ingredients for my shakes. But for this experiment I will stick with Dr Eades formula. Usually I would use a very expensibe brand of whey protein called Chocolite Protein( peanut butter flavor). It is sold on and costs $12 for 14 oz which is kind of a lot of money for me, but I used it a lot in the past. It is awesome and creamy and very tasty. It has 150 cals for two scoops and 24 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber. I would mix it up with coconut milk, a scoop of supergreens, half of cup berries and MCT oil. It was delicious, creamy and tasty each and every time. At times I would put stevia as well.

Sedakat, you are right! But I at times dont follow my own advice. So do as I say not as I do kind of deal! It is easy in the first two days and then it gets boring. But I must find a way to concur it!

Anonymous said...

I can never find coconut milk. I find coconut juice that is sweetened with sugar. Where do you find the coconut milk?

Vadim said...

I find it at Trader Joe. They sell their own brand and its kind of diluted. It is coconut milk diluted with water, but I still love it. It has enough creamy texture. Its a dollar for a can so I usually buy a lot at a time!

Anonymous said...

Dr. Eades uses Thai Kitchen Organic Premium Unsweetened coconut milk.

Best wishes for success on this plan Vadim. Keep reminding yourself it's only for two weeks.