Sunday, October 4, 2009

A bit of an update! Day 3!

I was planning to do a video blog on my journey for the longest time, however now with my mom being sick and in the hospital I am really pressing for time. But with God's help and my resolve I will do it sooner than later. There is a good news, not very good news and potentially bad news. Good news I am still hanging tight on the 6 weeks cure plan and for me surviving it for 4 days is truly big! I might have deviated a bit here or there but overall I have been right on! Not so good news that my Mom has been admitting in the hospital and is in a lot of pain. They are trying to rule out bowel obstruction or bowel seperation. Even morphine is not that effective at this point. However her tumore shrunk a bit so thats good. Potentially it could be from a life threatening bacteria which the hospital is trying to rule out. Hopefully, it is not and its just a bad inflammation. But time will show! I have a question for all of you guys who might read this. What kind of protein are you using and why? I started reading up a lot of research on whey protein and there is mixed reviews on whey protein I am using. Mine is Isopure 0 carb whey isolate which I like despite lots of people saying it tastes nasty. I read that J Rob whey protein that Sadekat is using is the best, but it is soooooooooooooooo expensive. It supposedly uses BCG free milk from organic cows and is all natural. But it is so expensive it would destroy my budget. it literally 10 times more expensive than other brand. I dont know, I know its probably worth it. Anyway, here is what I ate last night which was day 3 technically!

12 pm- Very berry Power up shake

4 pm- Very verry Power up shake

8 pm- Very berry Power up shake

11 pm- 5 oz of smoked salmon, 2 oz of chevre cheese, 2 Tbs of avocado or 3, didnt measure it

Lots of water, about 12-16 cups! I dont have a lot of time playing with my shakes. i usually do the whole batch early in the morning, keep it in the thermos and sip it all day long. I usually mix it up with 1-1.5 cups of Blue Diamond Breeze Almond milk+ 2-4 oz of heavy cream+ 6 scoops of Isopure protein+ 1 Tbsp of flax seed oil or fish oil+ 2 cups of ice+ 1 cup of mixed frozen berries and whaloooooa thats it and I use that batch for the whole day!


Anonymous said...

I wouldnt blow your budget on expensive whey protein, maybe in the future when you can afford it it would be ok to try that. I'm sure its healthier but does it cause better weight loss? I really doubt that. Plus I don't know if the taste is better at all, healthier doesnt necessarily mean it will taste better. Can you get a sample of this other protein powder? Maybe enough for one or two shakes? If so, do that and test it out.

The one I have is called Designer whey and it definitely has a weird taste when I dont mix in enough other stuff, but as long as I put in some other flavoring its fine.

I hope they are able to control your moms pain soon!

Harry/JP said...

Mr. V,

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your mom. I'm hoping for the absolute best.

This is the reply I left for you on my blog:


I'm currently using True Whey by Source Naturals and MRM's Natural Vanilla Egg White Protein:

I like Jay Robb's protein as well but rarely use it - mostly due to cost considerations.

If cost is a major issue, I'd probably go with Jarrow's natural whey protein:

Anonymous said...

I'm using MRM from I think it tastes fabulous, but I know that individual tastes vary.