Friday, October 9, 2009

Time out! I am taking time off to see if my symptoms are direct hit from the shakes!

I have had quite unexpected and pretty debilitating symptoms for at least 4 days now ranging from cramps to constipation to lethargy. I have decided to take a break for at least few days and see if it was the shakes. So far last night and today my symptoms totally went away and I ate a lot of different things including carbs. And I had not symptoms as of yet. I had lots of meat with avocado and side slad, 3 beef hot dogs with 2 eggs and slad and 1 slice of pizza. I also ate some nuts at dinner time. I did however have one shake after the work out. I am restarting the shake week 2 on Sunday and this time I will use egg white protein instead of whey or at least mix it up with mostly egg white variety to see if my symptoms do go away. i believe more and more it is IBS and for some strange reasons all this amount of whey protein excaserbates it. I will keep you posted on what happens!


Anonymous said...

good luck! I hope the egg white protein works better for you!

Vadim said...

I hope so too! Thanks Nancy!

Harry/JP said...

How's your digestive system feeling today? I hope whatever was ailing you is now passed.

Best wishes for week 2!