Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My 6 weeks cure has ended its journey!

Despite my premature departure form the plan, I had accomplished plenty. I did manage to survive a week on it without much cheating so thats a huge moral victory for me. I attempted to do many, many times with no or very little success. But this time it was a big deal. Unfortunately my symptoms preclude me from continuing on and I must find out whats ailing me. My symptoms are now getting me very annoyed. They range from stomach spasms, relieved by moving bowel to pin and needles pain thorughout the body which is also relieved by bowel movements and general sense of lethargy which is also removed partially by bowel movement. I have no idea whats causing it, but drinking protein shakes makes it absolutely worth. It might be few things including my reccuring anxiety, IBS or some kind of inflammation. I dont know. But it surely is nasty. Thank you all for continued support and words of encouragement.


Lee in Nashville said...

I lasted only 4 days on the Cure, because I had lots of stomach problems. It made my IBS terrible. Not enough fiber.

Anonymous said...

Fiber usually aggravates IBS. In another of the Drs. Eades' books, they talk about healing the gut with glutamine. Worked for me!

Anonymous said...

well if you are lactose intolerant, wouldnt whey protein powder cause problems?
Perhaps you are ultra sensitive to the oil they want you to put in the shakes, I have heard its enova oil and this is soy and rapeseed. Many people have problems with soybean oil and rapeseed is toxic (though the "oil" is not...they cant remove all the toxicity though)
So there could be many reasons why these shakes are making you sick. I say better to stop and feel better!

Vadim said...

I never put no oil into my shakes. Partially becuase it was hard to find Enova oil and partially because I do not like the taste of oil in my shakes. I think my symptoms were mostly IBS due to lack of rouphage. I am not a huge believer in fiber as well but liquid diet like protein shakes makes me tommy really upset. I will investigate it further and see what happens. Lee in Nashville, have you tried to put some flax seed or some other fiber in it. How did you feel? What makes your IBS better?