Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Day 6 and my poop!

Be warned, this post contains some graphic depiction of reality in this blogger day to day life!

Ok, day 6 was more challenging than other days. I started having more and more abdominal cramps, loose stools and distended stomack. My poop was not coming with ease at all and when I accidently looked at it I noticed something rather unusual. My poop was full of some sticky yellowish glue like phlegm. It was alarming. I decided to read up on it and found out it could be anything from bacterail infection to infectious colitis to IBS which I might have had for a year now due to stress and anxiety. I decided to wait a day to see if it was just for a day. But it happened again, some strange fragments of jelly like yellowish mucosa attached to my poop. Now I am concerned. But as of this eveneing it seems to be subsiding as my poop is getting larger. So it may be due to some inflammation. However, I will have it checked to make sure. As far as my diet goes, I am starting to have other health issues along with stomack cramps. My anxiety seems to be getting worth and I am feeling lethargic in general. I am not sure if its my diet causing cramps and other symptoms or my anixety due to everything going on in my life. Nevertheless I am pressing on and so far had been able to complete a week of the plan. Thats a huge moral vicotry for me since I failed to do shake plan for at least 7 times and the most I ever lasted was 5 days or so. So week one is done and over with. I am not sure if i should go on with a second week or just pull the plug. I am just not feeling well at all! And my stomack is simply bothering me too much. I shall see. i may just hang in there for another week to finish it!

This is what I ate for day 6:

12 pm- power up shake

4 pm- power up shake

8 pm- 2 0z of mixed lamb and chicken, 3 oz of chevre cheese, 2 eggs, side salad 4 oz of swiss cheese( I did go overboard with cheese tonight, but I did it consciously and didnt feel bad about it, I really wanted some cheese)

12 am- power up shake


Anonymous said...

I'm not feeling so good either. My shakes have been coming back up and I've had a stomach ache too. I wonder if it is the effects of the diet or just a stomach flu?

Vadim said...

It could be, who knows. There could be something in the shakes that might cause inflammation or disagree with the digestive tract. After all we are not used to consuming that much protein day in and day out so it could simply be that the system is adjusting to this kind of eating plan.

Harry/JP said...

Congrats on completing the first week, Vadim! Well done! :-)

Perhaps you can try switching protein powders for a meal or two. They sell individual packets at some health foods stores. Maybe a switch to a different brand or a different kind of protein (egg or pea protein) may be helpful.

I hope you feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

well i hope you figure out what the problem is and feel better!

Anonymous said...

Vadim, are you taking the potassium/magnesium supplements that Dr. Eades said were essential for these two weeks? Also, the shakes may be clearing out your intestines or allowing them to heal.


~Oct said...

:( Feel better! Sadekat feel better too! I use "Whey to Go" brand shakes every morning (and sometimes for the evening meal as well) and haven't seen any stomach problems. There might be other bad things that I don't know about that brand though so just take this as an "I like it" review and nothing more.

Erika said...

There's definitely a stomach upset going around. And it's true, maybe there is something in the shakes that you are sensitive to. Maybe you could put on your scientist hat and experiment?

Vadim said...

I am switching to egg protein in a few days. I was suprised to find out that egg protein powder is kind of expensive so I may just mix it up with regualar whey that I have. I have to find out whats causing all of this stomach distress, it has been very tiring. Didrina, i do take potasium/magnesium supplements and i do drink a lot of water. If its my intestines veing cleaned, well then I can tolerate it. But I doubt it, it more and more looks like some kind of inflammation going on due to insensitivity to something or may be too much protein I have no clue!