Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Day 5! Good news and bad news! I guess this is the new trend now for me.

Heeeeeeeeeeelo wonderful readers of my English as second language blog! First, let me thank all of you for being there for me. Some I got to know a bit better than others, but I thank you all for your support, advices and comments. God willing I shall soon start videoblogging as I promised so many times. But for now this is all I have time for. My Mom is doing better and they did find a dangerous bacteria in her colon called Chlostrodium Fe something. It is very prevalent amongst antibiotic users and can overgrow causing infectious colitis and severe pain, diahrea and bunc of other symptoms. But good news is that they did find it, which can be a challenge at times and are treating it. So hopefully it will be killed and my Mom can restart chemo. But bad news is that her oncologist will have to delay her chemo treatment for at least two weeks until that nasty bacteria is murdered. At times this nasty bacteria gets so stubborn that it takes long time to get it down and that would be a very bad situation. But I did talk to it and told this bacteria that it needs to leave, and lol, so far it listened to me. It must be a male, because female people or female pets or female anything are not that compliant when it comes to me. But with male its simple. I told that bacteria yopu either live or it will get ugly buddy. And it just started to leave. But all jokes aside, I pray that it is killed very soon.

On a separate note, I am still pressing on with my shaky plan. It is getting progressively difficult to continue though. I dont know if its psychological or what but I started developing bloating, distended stomach, gas and tachycardia from drinking shakes. I even have mild diarrhea and cramps. I am not sure if it is so much protein and whey that I might be reacting to or may be something in a protein poweder. For now I am pushing ahead and will try to twitch it here or there to find a middle ground where I can be ok healthwise. But at this point I am starting to believe that it might be anxiety attacks triggering stomack distress. Before I thought it was stomach issues triggering anxiety attacks but may be not so. I have always been a hyper person but at this time additional stress in my life just releases way too much adrenalin causing all kinds of symptoms. At times I literally feel like bouncing off the wall with energy. It feels like a billion of massueses tickling my every cell and at times I feel like passing out with very fast heart rate, weak legs, sweatiness and lightheadeness. Ok, enough talking about anxiety and my shady brain. I am sure its not a very appetizing subject. So moving on to what I ate yesterday, here we go again:

12 pm- Power up shake

2 pm- 4 oz of mixed lamb, chicken and 2 oz of chevre cheese with 2 TBS of avocado and 1 tablespoon of butter with side salad of cucumber and tomatoes.

8 pm- Power up berry shake

11 pm- Power up shake

2 rollaids and 1 GasX pill. I was shocked to find out that every anit-gas medication or pill had either dextrose or starch in it. I was unable to find anything without it. So I took few with it. I know it is not the optimum way but I needed it. Plus I am still amazed that a but deviation doesnt screw me over as it used to. Being a bit of COD it is truly a miracle or may be I am indeed growing up! So I think a miracle would be more believable as all my ex-gfriends would have said. It is what it is as my friend Bush junior used to say! Thanks for reading!

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~Oct said...

I'm glad they found the bacteria and are treating it!