Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Can someone knock some sense into me when I am about to go off my plan!

I was having a decent day yesterday both nutritionally and fitness wise. Until night came creeping along. I couldnt find parking for an hour. Thats one of the biggest headacke of living where I live. There are millions of cars and limitted space. Many private parking spots and not lot of public space. I was tired, cranky and hungry. And I drive stick shift too. when i came home I realized my sister was building a new kitchen. She told me before but I forgot. So there was no way to get any food. But I needed to eat, and there was no way I was going to go without it. So I ate what I could find. And it was not pretty. I ate a lot of carbs, but today it is much better. I am still contemplating on what plan to pursue come next week, but I think i will go on a lifestyle change kind of regimen. So there will have to be food that I can live with for long time, hopefully.

Last night I did 11498 steps
Today I did 13000 steps



Anonymous said...

I will hit you Vadim, but of course, I will do it out of respect and friendship, not out of anger. The first step is for you to move to my side of the country so I don't have to reach so far.

Vadim said...

I love Vegas, but not moving any time soon. NYC is my kind of town, at least for now!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I don't live in Vegas!

Harry said...

Hang in there, Vadim.

Life often throws us curve balls. I know, I just got jury duty!

My best advice is this: In the future, always try to have a back up plan.

For instance: Keep a stash of LC friendly foods (some that don't even require refrigeration) on hand at all times. That way, in case of an emergency or a mini-disaster ... you'll have something "on program" to munch on ... until the situation improves.

Good job with the steppin! You're meeting your goals and then some! :)

NewVision said...

Very impressive stepping there Vadim.
No way can I compete with that. Glad we are not competing with each other. But you are keeping me moving. I walked during lunch hour yesterday just because I didn't want to look bad in your eyes.....LOL I'm funny that way. Anyway, just walked around Walmart, but I did get in a few extra steps.:)

NewVision said...

oh, I forgot. LOVE the penguins. Just like a couple of kids pushing each other in the pool....LOL CUTE!