Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Monday's jouney!

I have been ill lately! All those post holidays carb binges, and I mean binges took a toll on my intestines and my body overall. I have exeprienced near-syncope at least twice in a week. My stomack has been distended, my intestines spasmatic and my hunger unstoppable. Even last night I felt sick. But..... Good news is I am back on low carb regimen. I made a home made veg soup yesterday and it turned out good, but I will stay away from it for a while. I think all thsoe vegetables, like brocoli and cauliflower didnt ease my already spasmatic intestines. I am still not journeling 100 % so instead I will just list what I atein general terms:

Vegetable soup( brocoli, zuchini, mushrooms, yellow sqyash and a can of sardines in tomato sause), ok may be it wasnt veg suop afterall, lol.

2 Bison burgers

1 protein shake
3 oz of goat cheese

4 eggs
2 cans of sardines
3 oz of chicken salad



Anonymous said...

I predict you and I will be successful in weight loss this year. Not sure how it will happen, but I think it will.

Harry said...

An excellent day's menu, Mr. V!

I'm really happy to see you treating yourself well - even while not feeling healthy.

That's a great sign. And I know it's a good indicator of success that will soon come!

Keep up the good work!

PS - Maybe you should try to consume some probiotics or cultured foods - to help get your digestive system back on track?

Vadim said...

harry, thats exactly what i was thinking today! I wanted to buy probiotic formula or start eating more keffir or good home made buttermilk!Thanks Lynn, I hope so!

NewVision said...

Hang in there Vadim,
Hope your feeling better soon.
The menu looked great by the way. Keep that up and you will see the weight flying off in no time.

Erika said...

Hi Vadim,

One of my favourite sayings is - how can you fail if you never give up?

Keep that in mind, and as Lynn said, 2009 has great things in store for you. We know it!