Sunday, January 11, 2009

Here is a link to Fat Flush Diet two weeks liver cleanse!

I put an idea out there for fat flush two weeks liver cleanse! Few people asked me about it, here is a link:


Harry said...

Thanks for posting that, Vadim.

I've seen Anne Louise at various holistic conventions.

This seems like a pretty safe detox plan to experiment with.

I prefer a more slow and steady detox. An ongoing detox, you could say. That's why I try to regularly eat broccoli and garlic, cleanse my digestive system with psyllium fiber and use quite a few nutritional supplements.

I hope someone, in our group, will try the plan and report back on their experience. It would be enlightening.

Vadim said...

I tried it few times. It was pretty touph on me. i was going through crazy symptoms, like lightheadness, weakness. But I was losing weight.

Erika said...

Hi Vadim,

Thanks for the link! I went looking today but only found some really dodgy links so I really appreciate you finding this. :)


Vadim said...

No problems, Erika! Jimmy will be interviewing Ann Loius Gittleman soon about her newcoming book. I couldnt particularly stick to her diet, but I know women who successfully did. Erika, you are stronger than me mentally so if you decide to try it, I am sure you will rock it! Again, if you decide to do it for two weeks as a booster to your current plan. Even though I think your food selection is fine that way it is!

Anonymous said...

Ya know, I always thought that detox diets/plans were always kinda nutty. but I guess a lot of people do them!