Thursday, January 8, 2009

Going back to my original low carb my way roots!

The only time that low carb worked for me to perfection was a time that I ate liberal amount of food that I enjoyed. I did eat quite a lot of sugar-free chocolate and it did satisfy my cravings for sweets big time. I did eat plenty of vegetables and low carb fruits, such as berries and grapefruit, and I did lose weight. I was also exercising a lot. All those experiments worked, in a way! No, not in a weight loss department, quite contrary! It porved to me that listening to my body pays off much faster than listening to so called experts! No offence, Mr O carb, no offence Mr Vegetabless or Fruitless! Go with peace! I am reverting back to ME! No more dont eat this or try that! I know what i know and what I know is what my body telling me I know! I know that starchy carbs is a killer for me, it brings on a cascade of horrible concequences! I know that eating high fatty food makes me sick, proven beyound reasonable doubt! I did lose 14 pounds on fat fast, and I almost lost my mind as well. I know that relatively high protein, low carb, and relatively high omega 3 fatty acid consumption along with vegetable and low carb fruits worked for me and the most important I felt great! So I am going back to eggs, fish, chicken, cheese, buttermilk, nuts, vegs and fruits! And that is GOING BACK TO NATURE! MY NATURE! BTW I akways had a question to ask but havent had a chance. Why do so many low carb experts cite inuits and their great experience on 0 carb? Is it universal patented diet across the board? What worked for inuites for thousands of years may be very dangerous for many others! Just because someone follws low carb doesnt preclude them from being fanatical about it,they are just as nuts as those low fat nuts, whats the difference? Have they heard of cultural and enzymnatic differences? I love cold becuase I am Russian in many generations and I strive in cold climate. Does everyone else do too? Ok, enouph of that!

Today I still didnt eat quite as good as I shoul have: 6 eggs- 3 tablespoon of coconut oil- 10 chicken links- 3 oz of goat cheese- 3 cups of cottage cheese with stevia- 1 cup of mixed berries!


Harry said...

If it worked before, it can work again!

As you noted, choosing a healthy diet that is sustainable is key. It sounds like this plan covers both of those bases.

Even though your assessment was quite humble, today's menu looked solid to me. I do believe you're on the road back to Wellville, my friend. :)

Hot dang!

Vadim said...

lol, thanks! I am trying to get my head well and on the same page with my intentions!

Anonymous said...

Vadim if what worked for you in the past feels good and you had success I am not sure why you ever gave it up.

Today looks so much better on your eating than what you have been doing in the last couple of months.

Woohoo! go for it guy.

I eat zero because it works for me. (I do not feel the need to eat huge amounts of extra fat but will on occasion add butter to my steak) You don't really need to add extra fat if the beef you are eating is well marbled.

But my zero is the following:

no veggies (I have IBS and cannot tolerate fiber)
no fruit (it raises my blood sugar so fast that I feel as if I am hungry before I even leave the kitchen)

No grains (cleared up my sinus problems and I no longer take allergy meds)

Instead I eat:

Whatever meat I want. Beef, pork, bacon, salami (good Italian beef or pork salami with no sugar added and never do I eat anything that contains even a trace of HFCS), chicken with skin, eggs, cheese (only really premium cheese, never processed American cheese which has carbs) and real cream in my coffee. I don't use a lot of cream because I like my coffee a dark rich brown.

I am Norwegian and I love fish so I eat that sometimes two or three times a day and then not again for weeks. I love salmon but only eat wild salmon, never farmed. They add color to it for goodness sake!

Whatever spices I want on the foods. I don't obsess over my meals and I have not cravings for carbs.

This works for me and I have been losing fat at a nice rate. I have no idea how many calories I eat, nor do I care.

You have to find what works for you and eat that way. You also have to know, Vadim, that since you have yourself out there on the net that you will get opinions from all over and some of it can be hurtful.

Good luck. I'm glad to see you back. I hope you are feeling better and no more EM visits.

By the way I passed on the joke you posted and it was a big hit. LOL


Sorry this is such a long post.

Vadim said...

Thank you Miriam! And long posts is right down my alley, so the longer the better. Lol, if someone leaves me a large size post it usually means two things: 1. they really care about the person they are sending the message to or 2. they are angry and emotional. In either case it shows that subject at hand creates intrest whih is always good! Thank you again!

OnPoint said...

Amen, brother! I am glad you have shifted back to doing what you know works for you, which is an important message for all dieters to internalize.

Your diet for this day looks great. Keep up the good work.

Harry said...

What happened to Friday's menu? I'm trying to play the role on the "angel on your shoulder".

Hope all is well with you. :)