Saturday, January 10, 2009

To pug or not to pug! Fruit is out, vegetables is in!

I blew it again! I realized tow things: 1) fruit makes my cravings go throught the roof, so it is out for the time being 2) I cant wait too many hours between meals to go by 3) Harry is right and I must plan ahead 4) I am not getting a pug!

I wanted a pug puppy for teh longest time! This particular dog makes me salivate for getting one when I get to see him. A friend of mine has one. He is a clown, yet does it with a serious face. He loves to eat, a LOOOOOOOOOT! He loves being loved and will do anything to get it and to give it! He is an amazing little fellow! But this a deal! I cant get one! But I will get him only when and if I loose weight and start eating healthy! I thought by getting one I will be happirer. I wont, I will be fatter though. Today my cousin came crashing my house. He is a big time doctor. When I told him I couldnt eat the chocolate and cookies he brought over, he asked me why. I told him I was on a low carb diet! You should have seen his reaction. His voice pitch got higher as though someone castrated him, his eyes widened as though someone castrated him without anethtisia and his whole demeanor changed as thought I performed the castration. He called me all kinds of names! And the funniest one was how can an intelligent guy like you can do something as self-defeating, disease inducing and health destroying lifestile. Then a whole lecture on how people get hurt and have all kinds of vascular and kidney diseases followed. He is my favorite cousin, I love this dude. So we decided to agree to disagree and embarked on watching a football game drinking beer and eating..........shit! So I am off again! I am no goodskiy and no goodskiy is my eating! So goodskiy I need to be! I must start feeding my body instead of feeding my psycho evil fat cells. They are gaining an army of new soldiers, I must stop it immediately! It is getting out of control. I cant afford to get neqw fat cells in my body, if I do it will be impossible to defeat them then. We Russians had a joke back in Russia about ever going to war with Chinese. We decided not to and be their friends because it would be impossible to defeat them. Here is the joke "' By the time you kill the first 100,ooo troops the back rows will reproduce! It is a stupid joke, but back than Chiines population was reproducing so much they had to restrain by only allowing one kid for a family! So if I continue at this rate the joke wiil be on me and my fat cells will reproduce by the time I killthe first thousands of their brothers and sisters! So WAR IT IS AND WHAT TIME IS IT? IT IS A WAR TIME! I MUST CASTRATE MY WEKNESS, CURCUMSIZE MY CRAVINGS AND CULTUIVATE A NEW CULTURE OF WHOLE LOW CARB FOOD! CCC PLAN! CASTRATE, CIRCUMSIZE, CULTIVATE!


Harry said...

I don't know why but I felt the need to keep crossing my legs while reading that post!

Okay, so you fell off the pony this afternoon. Fine. Dust yourself off and start eating like you have been the past few days ... right away! Not tomorrow. To-day! This instant! No postponements!

How ironic is it that your cousin, the doctor, castigated you for being on a low-carb diet while bringing over beer and all sorts of junk food? Oy vey!

Does he also bring over a six-packs when he visits his alcoholic family members and friends?!

Question for you: You mention needing to avoid/limit fruits. I'm fine with that, but I didn't see exactly how your fruit intake played a role in today's misstep. Are you saying that the berries you ate, the past few days, caused you to cave in and eat and drink high-carb foods today?

Vadim said...

Harry I read a comment on Dr Eades website that I loved. It was from a movie " Shmacks are people too" You have got to love Jews! So yes I am a big shmack and my coisin is a shmackadoctor, oi vei indeed! Yes, it all started with few berries that I mixed in a heavy cream with stevia a night before. I woke up today craving sweets like it was long missing love of mine. I was dreaming, salivating and looking for something sweet. Nothing helped. I ate eggs with goat cheese, nothing. I ate beef steak with sauteed spinach, even worse. I couldnt relax, I wanted sugar so bad! So I must cut berries for the time being. Vegetables dont make me crave sweets. Whats even more intresting drinking pretty sweet tasting protein shakes pretty much satisfied my sweet cravings and didnt cause any more cravings, damn how come I didnt make one of those shakes! May be the coconut milk that I put in my shakes and creamy and sweet nature of it makes it satisfactory, i dont know. Harry, I know I can make anyone crazy, because I am crazy! But bear with me, I know I will be successful. I have a preminituion that I will beat it one day. One thing I learned I cant sit and whip and bitch about it. Moving on, like you said! Thanks for your feedback. And beleive me you my firend you can scold me and yell at me and call me every single name in the book. I have a very thick skin. I know when I am screwing up! Lol, I really do not ever get upset when people are honest to my face, no matter how brutal the truth is. One thing I could always handle the truth! I really can. I cant stand fakeness and behind the back comments, but in my face any time!

bayoubabe said...

Well, for one, I think Jimmy should interview your cousin doctor , just if not to make him see how much being on a low carb diet can help one, nutritionally, physically, emotionally, etc. and how its GOOD for you.

I want to listen in on that broadcast. Can you imagine , Jimmy having a guest on his pod that actually does NOT think low carb is good ?? or do you think that was the beer talking ? LOL

Anywho, I had three red delish strawberries cut up on a plate smothered with whipped cream tonite.

WE CAN HAVE FRUITS , but just in MODERATION. And knowing which type of fruits are good for you helps also (Jimmy had a you-tube broadcast on this subject).

Sooo.. I want to see a picture of this doctor/cousin of yours LOL.

If he came down south and said that, we'd have him rolling down the front porch and hung up on the clothesline before it was all over with :)

I love reading your blogs... Keep us INFORMED, won't ya.

your bud down south, doin the Big Easy on Low Carb,


Anonymous said...

I'm with you re the fakeness issue. I hate it in others but find myself doing it when I'm with people that I know talk about me behind my back. I will not reveal my real self if I don't trust them. So I simply avoid them so neither of us has to be fake! ha.
Re sweetness: how about sticking with meat, cheese, veggies only and then having a diet soda when you crave something sweet?

bayoubabe said...

Ha, THis can be Vadim's new nickname .. "SWEETNESS" :)


Vadim said...

Thank you bayoybaba! My cousing is a pretty smart guy. He went to Einstein Medichals school, graduated from Columbia with 4.0 GPA and did his residency at John Hopkins! Does it mean anything as far as his knowledge about nutrition? I dont think it does, bu he insists low carb are not sustainable and should only be used as a last resort to control diabetes. He doesnt think it is logical for me to do it! Lynn, I will use my shake next time. For somereason my protein shake fully satisfies my sugar craving. Its a battle, I have been sugar dependent since a little kid when my parents would give me candy to shu me up every time I was crying fo smng. It took years to develop those habigts, hopefully it wont take as much to get rid of them! Thank you guys for stopping by!

Erika said...

Vadim, your cousin sounds strange. IMO if he has done so well in his studies he either 1) understands his topic really well, or 2) is very good at memorising.

If he doesn't understand the logic behind lc and just repeats the same "accepted opinion", then I'm thinking he falls into the second group.

Have you tried hypnosis or something like that to decondition yourself from associating sweets with feeling better?

And Lynn, I'm totally curious, what aspects of yourself do you hide when being fake to people that talk behind your back?

Have a great night all,

Vadim said...

No, never tried hypnosis. I was told to try hypnosis when I was trying quiting smoking. But I did it myslef so I thought sweets was going to be as easy. I thouhgt wrong, i guess!