Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tuesday and too many cherries, damn it!

I was doing good all day long until night came in silently! I had a rouph day at work, too many things to do, too little time! I was like an energizing bunny without the energy! Tough to do. I dont know if it is adaptation period my body is going through or it is still a remnant of the intestinal crams, but I had no energy. It is strange for me, even people at work commented at how more subdued I looked. So when I came home I was really tired. I guess it is only logical to expect my body to rebel after all those heavy carb binges!!! I am getting closer and closer to starting my renewed walking regimen. My pedometer is almost here! I did aome weight lifting work out today earlier in the day. It was short but intensive. And I was quite impressed to being able to lift my old numbers, even thouhg I havent done it for few weeks. It is usually not that easy to return. Today I had an unstoppable appretite, yet managed to keep it relatively low carb until night when I ate liberal amount of cherries!

3 eggs
2 oz goat cheese
2 cans sardines
7 oz roasted beef
1 avocado
3 oz chicken salad
1 bison burger with large tomato and cucumber salad
grinded fresh cranberries sweetened with stevia and devinchi syrup
lots of cherries( love those, but it was way too much, got to stop it)


Oct said...

You menu looks very good, I love cherries too! I have a mature cherry tree in my back yard that puts out buckets of fresh cherries every year. More for the birdies now.

I don't know what to suggest regarding your energy other than maybe be sure to take vitamins ... I have to remind myself to do that (or my body will remind me!)

Best of luck with things and I hope your work schedule is less crazy for the rest of the week.


Vadim said...

Thanks Oct! My problem with cherries, and it only happens with cherries and berries is that I tend to binge on them. i can eat a pound or more at one sitting watching TV. Thats why a stricter version of low carb works for me the best physiologically, but psychologically I still cling to those sweet tasting things. its a battle, no doubt! It took 35 years to develop those habits, it will surely take a bit to correct it!

Harry said...

Good day, Mr. V.

It looks like you're doing pretty well. I know you're trying to avoid berries but I'd rather you have some of those than the other junk that we all typically binge on!

Still, any type of binging isn't healthy. So, allow me to ask you this:

If your plan is too avoid fruit, why did you have it in your home? I don't mean to slam you or anything. I'm just trying to help - not criticize.

I just wonder whether you would have binged if you had to go to the market and buy the fruit - rather than simply having it at home already.

Low energy is a tough issue to resolve sometimes. Especially if we don't get enough sleep in the first place. I think that's an issue with you as well?

Supplement-wise, you could try adding a "b-complex" or CoQ10 to your diet. That may help give you some added pep. The cocoa powder and coffee also works for me. Those options include some natural stimulants however.

Do you like tea? White tea provides me with a really nice "calm energy". I'm more awake after taking it but with no feeling of stimulation. I believe that's because of the theanine content in the tea.

Stay strong, my friend. :)

Harry said...

Mr. V,

Another thought. Have you picked up the Also Salt product yet?

Sometimes a lack of potassium can lead to a temporary feeling of fatigue.

If you already have some Also Salt, maybe think about using it and seeing if it helps. Alternately, try to eat more avocados - which are great sources of potassium as well.

Vadim said...

Thanks Harry! I did buy and used Also Salt. I did put it in my sioup along with sea salt. i do eat avocados now. I think cocao overstimulates my adrenal glands, so I stopped it for a while. I nver tried white tea. That might be a good idea indeed. I dont buy cherries, unfortunately my sister does and I get to steal hers! May be not a good idea.

bayoubabe said...

Yes, cheeries, the small sweet fruit will do it.

I was at a Christmas function and STILL learning all the foods that were low carb when a girlfriend asked if I wanted some 'punch with cheeries'... I thought sure.. only to later find out they are VERY HIGH IN CARBS !! wHo would have thunk it ? LOL


Harry said...

Hello? Any body home?

This is the accountability police. :)

Miss you, buddy. Time to get back on the program!

NewVision said...

Hey Vadim,
Missing you!
Hope all is well.

bayoubabe said...

No more cherries !

Vadim said...

I will start Monday. HAd a few slip ups,, nothing major. Still here. Ready to hit the road on mOnday

Harry said...

Great! See you then! :)

NewVision said...

See you Monday!!!!

NewVision said...

It's Tuesday, where are you?
Hope you are ok.
See you soon.

Anonymous said...

Vaddy, you got to be kidding, where are you? It's been a week.

I've said it before and I'll say it again.

We need our daily dose of Vadim.

Harry said...

I'm with Sadekat on this one!

Come on back, Mr. V. Your audience awaits! :)

Vadim said...

I am ok. Just having difficult time coming back from bad, bad, bad eating. I am coming back, no doubt. Any day now!

Harry said...

You don't have to come back in a state of perfection, Vadim.

Just come back and step-by-step move closer to your planned, healthy lifestyle.

This is a process. Take the first step. We'll be here to help you through it. :)

If nothing else, begin by posting where you're at now. It's about time. You're worth the effort, Vadim. And we want you to succeed and to be well.

Let's do this thing! Come on! Not tomorrow or some undefined date in the future! Now!

WhereIsJimmyVadimChristine said...

U still there Vadim or are you on a cruise Jimmy-dim-christine ?