Sunday, February 22, 2009

I am in pain!

Today was a day of pain! My whole body was aching and even my heart felt out of synch. Have no idea what it was and neither does my doctor! He said it might be a carb withdrawal symptoms! Ha? This is my first day back doing low carb and withdrwal? I dont think so, my brain aint that sharp! Ok, other than that it was a relatively peaceful day and God am I thankful to be back! It wasnt tough today as far as cravings. I ate till satisfaction and today was one fo those day when I didnt feel like eating a lot!

Weight= 246.5 pounds ( I will not weigh for a month now ) Scale makes me lose my cool when it doesnt cooperate. Since its time to take care of my health first, low carb is priority. Weight lost will be a nice side affect, I hope!

Walking= 11,475 steps!

Today I ate:

4 oz turkey breast with a nice salad ( cucumber, tomatoes, onion, lettuce dresses in olive oil).

1 cup of cottage cheese with few tablespoon sour cream and i packet of stevia

8 oz roasted chicken
4 oz various cheeses
2 tablespoon veryyyyyyyyy hot wasabi mayo!
1 small chicken wonton as a sample at Trader Joe ( only had 3 carbs though)


Harry said...

Well done, Vadim. :)

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Vadim.

I'm glad you are eating real food. But aren't you hungry?

I would be starving on that amount. Guess I am a really big eater because I ate 1 1/2 lb ribeye for dinner the other night.


4athomej said...

Good luck and way to go:) That scale all ticks me off too...broke one last month;P

Vadim said...

Miriam, i was feeling sick all day. I had pain and needle pain all over my body and my colon was in pain. i am not sure what it was, but even today i feel like crap. may be its induction flu or constipation, but whatever it is, its giving me hard time. thanks for stopping by. And 4athomej, i feel your pain. Scale at times can be friend, but at tiems a biggest woe, lol!

NewVision said...

Good going Vadim!!!!!
Hope you feel better soon.