Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Oy Wey! Nit gooskiy! I am feeling soooooooooo not ok!

I have no idea whats going on with me, but it aint fun! All day today I continued to have spasmnatic lower stomach, accompanied by weird arrhytmic heart. I was scared to say the least. Every time the spasm came on I felt like passing out. My heart was beating way too fast, skipped beats. It felt like Hell! I went to see my doctor. He thinks it might be some sort of spasmatic intestines followed by severe panick attack. He did few tests and sent me for tons more. Meanwhile I was told to start taking Paxil. I will wait to see first. Not too crazy about paxil. May be I should meditate, pray and relax!

I am still comitted to blogging and still on low carb, despite feeling sick!

Steps= 15,975

Food: 4 eggs; 1 tablespoon guacomole; 1 protein shake; 2 scoops egg salad, 3 oz salami, 3 oz roasted beef, 2 oz swiss cheese, 1 cup cottage cheese, 1 oz almonds, 1 tablespoon sour cream; 6 oz lox


Oct said...

Hope you feel better soon Vadim! That sounds scary!

Vadim said...

Thanks! I might have some sort of IBS or enteritis. My doctor said the arrhytmia is caused by palpitations and shouldnt be dangerous. I dont know, hopefully it goes away sooner than later. i am hanging in there as far as low carb goes.

Harry said...

I'm happy to see that you went to the doctor. I hope they can figure out what's causing this.

In the meantime, I suspect any form of stress reducing exercise could only help.

Good job sticking with your blogging and your LC menu plan. It's especially noteworthy because of how you're feeling. I think that's great! :)

Please keep us posted and do take good care.

Vadim said...

I think its a combination of anxiety and GERD or acid. I feel burning stretching sensation in my abdominal area accompanied by erratic heart rate. It makes me feel so sick. I read a lot about GERD and it seems it could be that, who knows?

4athomej said...

OMG...I hope everything is alright. That's just a little bit freaky. I really hope everything turns out...keep us updated:)

Didirina said...

Hi Vadim,

Low carb is very good for GERD. I had it, and had to take 2 extra-strength Pepcid, or the very expensive prescription antacid. I now don't have to take any. I also used to take gout medicine. That's cleared up too. I also had gut issues and palpitations, and I read a very interesting section in Dr. Eades' book, Protein Power Lifeplan about the importance of magnesium (and the right kind!). Lots of carbs and sugar deplete magnesium, and low magnesium can also cause muscle spasms/cramps and palpitations. Maybe...? I take magnesium malate and it's helped me tremendously. Also, glutamine is helpful for repairing the gut. Perhaps the latest carb attacks hurt your gut a bit and depleted your magnesium. Best wishes!

Vadim said...

Didrina, I love your input. I did have a bit of muscle cramps with my palpitations. I have been taking magnesuim but magnesium citrate, May be I should be taking magnesium malate as you said! Thanks so much for your comments!

NewVision said...

Hope your feeling better soon and you and the Doctor figures out what is going on with you.

Good job blogging and on the Low Carb!

Keep us posted. :)

Didirina said...

Me again! Magnesium citrate should be good, too. Dr. Eades stressed that the type should have "-ate" at the end for best absorption. Also, make sure you are getting the correct amount, at least the RDA. The amount also used to be 1/2 of the amount of calcium, but some have advocated taking equal amounts of magnesium and calcium.