Saturday, February 28, 2009

Friday menu!

i am still eating plenty of food. I have no idea where my calories or my weight is at the momnet. But thats not important at the moment. whats important is to get my body on track and acclimated with low carb lifestyle again. I promised to stay on this liberal plan for a month. I will monitor the results sometime in middle of March to see how I am doing weightwise. may be then I will start to tweak my eating a bit to fascilitate weight loss.

Steps= 24800

food= Plenty! 2 cups of full-fat cootage cheese with lots of silvered nuts, organic wild small blueberries( trader joe, awesome taste) and Truivia. Lots of steamed zuchini, brocoli and mushroom with shirataki noodles with Wasabi mayo. 1 cup buttermilk; 5 oz mixed cheeses;


Harry said...

Way to stay on track, Vadim!

You're doing great! :)

Didirina said...

I was in Trader Joe's for the first time ever today. The store in my neighborhood opened last fall, but I just never made it in there. Wow, I could go crazy! I bought some very delicious chicken sausages with sweet bell pepper, and some chicken marsala. I'll have to look for those blueberries! They do sound wonderful. How's the Truvia, Vadim? I haven't tried that yet either.

Vadim said...

Truvia is fine! I like it quite a lot.