Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wednesday menu!

Today I ate a bit more than I needed. but still doing low carb. It is so effortless and easy that I wonder how and why I would ever get off! But dont want to wake up the Satan, so shhhhhhhhhhh! I love the idea of not having a scale and being obsessed with the numbers too! I am still having this weird palpitations and stomack discomfort, but a bit better today. I am really staring to think its anxiety related or vago-vasal response due to GERD and reflex. I didnt have it before but do now. I will have to monitor more closely what causes it. I am noticeing cheese and eggs are doing it. Cottage cheese and nuts are not!


Food: 1 cup full fat cottage cheese with almonds, blueberries, sour cream, truvia and cocoa ( awesome! ); 6 oz turkey leg meat; 5 oz lox; 3 oz salami; 2 oz turkey breast; 1 serving shirataki noodles with chicken sausage link and sauteed mushrooms; 2 oz of Gylian sugar-free chocolate;


Harry said...

You're doing really well, Vadim! :) Good for you.

I hope your symptoms continue to improve. And keep up the detective work. It may just provide you with clues that even your doctor wouldn't find.

Vadim said...

Thanks Harry! I am keeping an eye on my symptoms. Its hard to say what causes what. Is it my palpitation that causes my stomack discomfort or is it the stomack or gas or GERD that causes the palpitation. It could be that I am changing my diet drastically again that has my body switching over to making new enzymes and therefore activating too much adrenalin. Its not fun to have those symptoms. It starts with a burning sensation in my stomack and than eratic heart rate which makes me sweaty, lightheaded and faint like. But I have had it before. I just have to start implementing more heaklth choices!