Monday, February 23, 2009

I am still in pain! Is there a Doctor in thw house?

Today was a day I wish wasnt! I was lethargic, in pain and my stomach was bloated. I have experienced this nagging shin-like pain in both my hands and my feet. My stomack was also bloated and spasmatic. I was half the man I usually am! Hooooooooror! I dont know what a heck is going on, but hope it goes away sooner than later! May be its some kind of induction flu! But I still walked through pain today, may be i should give it a rest for few days!

Steps= 14,900

Food: 2 eggs, 1 tablespoon Wasabi mayo(HOOOOOOOOO----t), 2 tablespoon guacomole
4 oz of Swiss cheese; 1 protein shake; 10 oz lox; 1.5 scoop egg salad; 3 oz salami; 3 oz roasted beef;


Harry said...

Ugh. That sounds harsh, Vadim. I'm sorry you're going through this.

But, I'm so happy to see that you're sticking with your "simple plan". :)

Please continue to take good care of yourself. I hope this bad spell will be gone by the time you read this.

Anonymous said...

Hope you start feeling better soon, Vadim.

Lox, ain't it great?


Didirina said...

I would definitely take it easy for a couple of days at least. Maybe it is the induction flu; I think Dr. Eades said in one of his books to not try to workout for the first week or so. Are you eating any new foods that might not agree with you?

NewVision said...

(((HUGS)))) Hope your feeling better soon! Take an easy. Take care of yourself.

Vadim said...

Thank you all for your geniune care!