Thursday, February 26, 2009

Stop sign, aint it symbolic!

I have been overworked, overfed, undernurished and sleep deprived for the past few months! Today I had to get up really early to help at the office I work in the morning. So it was an 18 hour day for me. In the middle of the day I decided to walk around the golf park between two jobs. I walked 4 laps which is 2 miles each. I was feeling good except my brain was kind of on autopilot. After my second lap I abruptly stopped at the stop sign as though I was driving. Then it hit me, oh shit my brain is on auto-pilot. It hit me then that it might so be that all my recent symptoms were a compilation of different unhealthy behaviour. My body finally hadf enouph and let me know about it. And low carb induction was an added fuel! I am on day 5 now and today was by far the better day yet! I was feeling better! I did eat a lot though but I did work a lot too. Still doing ok!

Steps= whooping 27, 120 which equals to about 13 miles of walking, not bad!

Food= 1 cup od cottage chees with silvered almonds, few blueberries, sour cream and Truvia ( very good ) ; 1 protein shake; shirataki noodles with chicken sausage link and sauteed mushrooms; 4 oz of mixed cheeses: 6 oz chicken breast with roasted pepper and 1oz fresh mozarella with basil: 3 oz fried chicken wings;


Harry said...

I'm glad to hear that you're feeling a little better, Vadim. :)

Your introspection is a valuable tool. Keep employing it!

Anonymous said...

Vadim, I saw your comment over at Dr. Eades and his advice.

Are you going to start taking potassium?

Hope you feel better soon.


Vadim said...

I do take potassium pills , however they are not a big help as far as percentage of daily does goes. I do eat avocado a lot and nuts, so I dont think its potassium defficiency, plus I would have some carmps. i dont have cramps at all. But I did do a complete blood test and will check the results today. Thanks Miriam Harry!

Didirina said...

RE: potassium, I've had better feeling with a liquid potassium supplement, if you think you need extra potassium; it's nearly tasteless, too, when added to foods, but not straight from the bottle, LOL. I get an upset stomach with the pills; maybe they don't dissolve or something. Also, low-sodium V-8 juice has a lot of extra potassium, too. My neurologist also told me that coconut milk is high in potassium.

Your food choices look great to me, and not really too much, considering your current weight and activity level. You've got the momentum going now!

Vadim said...

Thanks Didrina!

NewVision said...

Good job on the stepping too Vadim. You'll be lean and mean in no time. :)

Vadim said...

I dont know about being lean soon. i do eat a lot thouhgh! Thanks