Thursday, February 12, 2009

Is there a Doctor in the house?

I relapesed big time! Since early October I had put on almost 30 pounds, despite continued exercise. I analized my behaviour so many times and yet all the right answers havent precluded me from doing the right thing. Yes, I did go see the doctor, actally few of them. One of them said I need to be on anti-depressant since my serotonin might be low. Lollypop of crap! There is no way to know that I am serotonin-deficinet,l accept the fact that I am a carb junkie. So what, I have been carb-junkie since I was 3 months old. Was I depresssed then? I was the happiest kid on campus. I still am at times! What I need to do is just cut out carbs completely! Period. No negotiating, no one bite of this or that. As a wise person once said, "One is too many, 100 is not enouph!!! I will look into some sort of meditation for sure, may be take some salsa lessons. I need to work less and play more! But again, my number one need is to completely abandon carbs! So without further a due, and with God's guidance I shall be back tomorrow to start my new life! I did it for 8 month until recent slip. I can and will do it again! I am growing my balls back. I need to get back. I really do, my body has been forgiving, but its getting enouph of my shit too. I feel the effects of all those yo-yos and binge eating and else. I need to give my liver a fresh start! I really must!


NewVision said...

Glad to see you posting Vadim. You will figure this out, I can feel it.
Hang in there!

Harry said...

Welcome back, Senor Salsa. :)

Trust me when I tell you that your ultimate victory is going to be all the sweeter because of the amount of fight you've had to put into this challenge.

You can overcome this curse. It is possible. You deserve it and you hold the key to your own success. If you need any support along the way, don't hesitate to ask. There are people out here who'll be cheering you on and offering a helping hand in friendship.

Begin your journey. Start fresh. Treat yourself with respect and things will certainly improve.

Didirina said...

Vadim, dear, PLEASE try the 5-HTP. It will help you feel better. And I strongly feel that cutting out all carbs isn't the best solution, especially if your serotonin needs replenishing. It takes a long time to heal a damaged metabolism. Have you read any of Dr. Schwarzbein's books (The Schwarzbein Principle was first)? She herself was a huge sugar addict.

Vadim said...

Thank you guys! I truly feel your positive energy. It does radiate through. Didrina I will give it a serious consideration. I have read very conflicting reports about 5-HTP but I may try it to see if it works its majic. I still think my problems are more of a psychological nature and stem from my deep crave for family, love and content!

Anonymous said...

Vadim go here.

Click on forum. It will tell you all about zero carb and you can read how some of the posters have really stabilized mood and blood sugar and LOST the cravings for carbs.

If you read Dr. Mike today you'll hear even more about the unneccesary carb in your diet.

Maybe you should give it a try for at least 30 days.

Hang in there guy, it will get better.


Vadim said...

I dont know about 0 carb idea. Although I have never even contemplated it, I do know its not for me. I am not a meat eater, period. Even when I am hungry, meat is the last choice, has always been. I love dairy, eggs, chicken and seafood. Its extreamly hard for anyone to stay on 0 carb unless you are a true meat person. I have had may be 5 steaks in my whole life, if that many. And I did eat at the very expensive restaurant. It has to be sustainable and it has to be a variety for me to be succesful at it.

Didirina said...

"It has to be sustainable and it has to be a variety for me to be succesful at it."

This is the BEST thing I've read here! Very realistic, yet positive and forward-thinking!!

Vadim said...

Didrina, thanks! I have many faults, but many good atrributes as well. I dont shy away from expressing my opinions. I am own harshest critic. I do tend to talk a big game and not deliver, but at times I do. It has been a life's long battle with weight. I have lost and regained 100 pounds weight loss at least few times. Low carb has been the most feasable one out there. But due to many reasons I failed to commit to it for more than 7 month. But I will not give up! Only those who continue to walk will one day concur the road! I pray to God that I do it soooner than later! Again, thanks for your support!

Cathy said...

Vadim, I just stumbled upon your blog and this post really made me want to respond.

I don't know what it is that makes us venture out of low-carb territory. We know what this food does to how we feel, we know that it makes us stall or god-forbid gain weight... yet we still do it.

After a 100lb loss in 2004, I "fell off the wagon" in 2007. While I still stayed somewhat low carb, I ate foods that made me not only gain weight but really aggravated my arthritis.

I am now totally recommitted but that does not mean that I did not try over and over again and fail.

I think that if we continue to try, all it takes is that one time where it sticks - the key is to keep getting back on plan.

Maybe we have to immerse ourselves into all things low carb and stay very active in our low carb communities. I know that has helped me tremendously.

Of course we can run the risk of become a low carb nazi (something I've been accused of :D )or obsessed but really is that a problem? Maybe there's nothing wrong with it if it helps us stay on our chosen plan.

I hope that this comment finds you in a better place and resolved to be the healthiest you can be. All my best to you in your journey.