Friday, November 28, 2008

Friday menus!

8 am
2 scoops of Chocolyte protein shake= 150 calories
8 oz low carb countdown milk= 120 calories

12 pm-
2 oz almonds= 350 calories

3 pm-
2 scoops of chocolyte protein shake= 150 calories
10 oz almond milk= 60 calories
1 oz cheese=100 calories

7 pm-
1 oz cheese=100 calories
1 oz almonds=160 calories
2 small beef burgers=140 calories

10 pm-
4 oz pistachios nuts=400 calories
2 oz dark sugar-free chocolate=400 calories
3 oz beef burger=250 clories
3 eggs= 210 calories
1 teaspoon olive oil=60 calories
1 large salad=100 calories
2 tablespoon200 calories
1 can of sardines= 160 calories
1 tablespoon flax seeds=50 calories

Total calories= 3410
Total carbs=55 grams
Total effort= 50 %

Ok,I went to Atlantic City with my sister today. It was horrific experience, lost a lot of money I couldnt afford to loose. Had a fight with my sis, because she was late and I ended up waiting for 3 hours for her in the car. Then I was tired and cranky, kind of sped up and got a speeding ticket. I wne thome and was huuuungry and craaaaanky, and huuuuuungry! I knew I was about to snap, my anger needed to get out and for the first time in almsot two years I craved smoking again. I quit almost two years ago. I didnt smoke off course, but...... Boy did I eat as you can see! bUT i SWORE i WASNT ABOUT TO PIG OUT ON HIGH CARB. So I waited till i got home and ate the whole house of low carb, but didnt touch anything high carb. Noty that it is an excuse, but I just wanted to at least stay in somewhat insane and controlled ketosis!


Harry said...

I'm sorry it was such a tough day for you, Vadim. Life can be a grind at times. No doubt about it.

I was kind of down tonight because I screwed up doing something important. I don't want to get into the details but it left me feeling pretty worthless and drained.

But, I just tried to process the sad feelings and thought about how I might avoid making similar mistakes in the future. And, I just made sure to keep on eating (plentifully) on plan ... so that I (hopefully) wouldn't be hungry enough to binge on anything truly unhealthy that would just make me feel even worse - like I would have in the past.

I think it's important to note that you were able to practice some level of self-control on your eating today. Sure, you ate emotionally. But, at least you didn't throw all caution to the wind. You waited until you got home and selected foods that were healthier than many other junk food options.

I don't know if any of this post will help. But, I think it's important that you know that (you) posting about your struggle and trying to fight against your demons is valuable. And, I think it's something positive that is worth acknowledging.

I hope tomorrow treats you more kindly.

Vadim said...

Thank you, Harry! I surely did have a horrible experience , but.... First, I have noone to blame, thats exactly what I deserved going to a place and gamble, which in itself is nothing short of stupid. I did waste a lot of money and impulsively played until I ran out of money. But today is a new day and I put things in perspective. Compare to what others in the world have to go through, my experience was a simple hiccup. Look whats going on in India and other parts. The world has gone insane again lately, and some say it is only a beginning. At times it pisses me off just watching a tv and seing these monsters kill inoocent people. I wish at times I was leading the world. i do have a plan to deal with all these terrorists. And it wouldnt take me long to wipe them out! Lol, but we are alll geniuses when it comes to saving the world in our heads! I must be able to get back on my eating plan. Night seems my worst time when I overeat. In a day when I am busy, food is a fuel, but at night when I am relaxed, thats when I start eating mindlessly! So I must figure out the way to stop the madness at home. I know you said you may have similar problem controlling eating at whe you are working at home. But so far you are doing great. I do follow your blog every day, and dont rmember this week when you didnt behave. So you are by far the most disciplined out of the bunch, at least this week. So you are carrying the torch for now! Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Hi Vadim,
I, too, am sorry you had a day with several negative things happening. That can make you justify a real pig-out. You did the best thing!! A LC pig-out may get your calories way up, but it's much better than the alternative. So, there's a change that you've made from the past, right? I think it's so encouraging to see where we actually made a better decision under stress. That's tough. Good job.

NewVision said...

Hey, sorry you had such a bad day. I think you made the best decision you could have made. You stayed on your plan. THAT alone is a HUGE accomplishment. WAY TO GO! it just goes to show that you ARE learning to deal with your emotional way of eating. Even if you did go overboard, you still had some sense of self control.
I'm an emotional eater and also a night/evening eater. I really have to watch my evenings or I will be in chowing down on what ever I can find. I think its like you said, day time is full, you have your mind occupied so food isn't an issue. But at night/evenings it free to roam over to the emotional side of things.
Hang in there Vadim. Today is a NEW day.

Vadim said...

lol, thank you guys! You are trully great bunch to hang out with on this blog! And I really appreciate all your inputs and comments!

Erika said...

Hi Vadim,

Wow, that sounds like one terrible day!! Good on you not completely throwing everything out the window and diving in head first! :)

Maybe you need a punching bag or something like that at your house to help you release some anger?

As for gambling, not for me either. Once my friend spent a good 10mins trying to convince me to go (we were next door) so we used HIS $5, lost it, and went back to the restaurant next door. Never again hehehe.

Why did you do it? Maybe isolating that will help you in the future?

Vadim said...

Thank you everyone guys!